Duffster in The Dumpster???

duffyduffyblowupInteresting days ahead as the Duffy saga unfolds in the courts. I think one thing is for sure, if he is going down he will do his best to take others with him. He has 31 charges laid against him by the RCMP, they are Fraud, Breach of trust and bribery. I believe the $90.000  payment will be a key issue.  The major question is this, when Duffy accepted the money it became a bribe, but for Nigel Wright who gave the money to Duffy its not a bribe. Duffy’s lawyer has already jumped on this as part of the case. I can only imagine the turmoil in the Prime Ministers Office! lots of panic, lots of potential witnesses, not the least of which could be Harper himself . However, I can see Harper wiggling his way out of this situation and not allowing himself to be called as a witness. He will probably find some obscure parliamentary law to protect him from embarrassment. Still its going to be fun watching the news over the next few months, almost as good as Coronation Street. It could have the potential for a new soap opera, how about “Ottawa! as the Stomach Turns”. Joking aside, I hope this trial exposes the corruption within the walls of parliament. I hope a wide RCMP net catches a lot more of the bent and greedy politicians who abuse the trust placed with them. As for Duffy I have no sympathy, he is guilty of fraud to say the least.  He admitted as much on CBC Compass when he claimed his primary residence was Cavendish but stayed in Charlottetown at the George Hotel in winter. He compromised himself again when he claimed on Compass that he and his wife had decided to pay back the living expense claims until the issue was settled. I believe he actually stated he got a bank loan to make the payment, no mention of Wright or the infamous $90 thou cheque???? So sit back folks, this story is only just beginning and it promises to be good.

God Bless and keep reading

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