How The Mighty Fall

duffy I watched a very interesting TV program (Fifth Estate) on Sunday evening that followed the life of Mike Duffy. He was indeed born and raised on PEI and many of his school friends were interviewed on the show last night. He was a man with great ambition and drive, a natural speaker and journalist. For many years he was very successful in his chosen profession, he was popular and well known. But alas, like so many successful people he wanted more. Duffy secretly dreamed of becoming a Senator and indeed proposed himself to several Prime Ministers, from Mulroney Turner Chretien and finally to Harper!!! All his attempts were rebuffed by successive Prime Ministers until Duffy lowered his master stroke. During the federal election campaign  in which it looked very much like Liberal leaderDion would beat Harper Duffy acted. Dion was being interviewed by CTV and he struggled to answer a question that had been asked in English. It was asked in a convoluted way and difficult to comprehend and answer, he asked the interviewer if they could start over and ask the question again. The rest of the interview went well, however Duffy grabbed the small section where Dion had struggled and asked to start over. He played it on the national news over and over, just that one brief but clearly damaging part. Well you know the outcome, Harper’s party won the election and a few weeks later Duffy was a Senator. It ever there was a smoking gun this was it. Duffy became the loyal conservative bag man, raising funds where ever he went. He was a most popular figure in Harper’s inner circle, at least for the moment. Perhaps his greatest weakness was his sense of entitlement, he loved buying and wearing suits costing thousands of dollars. He was leading a life style of luxury most of us only dream of. Like so many others Duffy’s dream ended and became his nightmare. His expenses were being investigated, his apparent permanent Island residence turned out not to be so permanent, Duffy had lived in Ottawa for forty years but claimed it wasn’t his primary home!!! The Prime Ministers Office at first tried to cover up the looming scandal. They offered to give Duffy a cheque to  pay back the questionable expenses. However when they learned how much he owed they backed off. Nigel Wright then attempted to avert disaster by giving Duffy a personal cheque for $90,000 (Alleged) but that too backfired.  Wright resigned from Government but later Harper claimed he was fired? The RCMP have now charged Duffy with 31 criminal offenses including fraud, abuse of trust and bridery. Its in the courts but not likely to go to trial until next year. Anyone think we might see an early election this year??? Harper is certainly scrambling behind closed doors to keep a lid on his office We are living in interesting times. And that’s my rant for this Monday morning

God Bless and keep reading.

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