Is Harper as Straight as an Arrow

harperplane10362378_576883832430581_2020252274549564445_nOver the last few days Prime Minister Steven Harper has flown along the proposed route for the new Gateway Pipe line from the Tar Sands of Alberta to the BC coastline. A pipeline to deliver heavy bitumen to the large tankers that will navigate the pristine inland waterways of British Columbia’s coast . A beautiful coastline dotted with many tiny islands where the waters meander through narrow and often treacherous inlets, rocks and shoals. It has been said this is one of the most difficult bodies of water to navigate safely. Huge tankers carrying thousands of gallons of thick black goo like oil will be doing just that if the pipeline goes through!  Sounds okay right? Surely  if our intrepid leader Stevie thinks its okay, then it must be??? However, many First Nation members from the affected areas seem not to agree!!.  I can’t confirm this next piece of information, but it is believed the Prime Minister took Mike Duffy along and located him in the cargo space directly under the passenger cabin to photograph the passing landscape below the flight path. Duffy was delighted to be back in the PM’s good graces and even more delighted to see so many First Nation people turn out to greet him. They appeared very excited to see the Old Duffster again, they were enthusiastically waving, shouting, jumping up and down dressed in colourful tribal costume. Some were beating drums and he was quite sure he even saw a few shooting friendly arrows at the plane, just one more nice touch for First nation traditions. It reminded Duffster of the old Western movies where the wagons circled in the face of charging and terrifying Indian war parties. Arrows flying all over the place while the construction crews, oops!! I mean early settlers tried to make friends with the Warriors before stealing their lands. Prime Minister Harper might want to consider a peace pipe rather than an oil pipe. I can’t help but think a few of our First nation people are not in favour of this project, come to think of it, not many Canadians are in favour either!!!The question is, will Harper get the point, seems he needs a sharp jab in the you know what!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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