Not The Right Time???????

robertghizduffyA few months ago Robert Ghiz was very vocal in his support of the Senate, he was even more vocal on the fact that Prince Edward Island was seriously under represented with the suspension from the senate of Mike Duffy. On Friday Senator Callbeck retired leaving a second vacancy in the Red Chamber and I assumed that would concern Ghiz even more. Surprisingly (or maybe its not so surprising) it didn’t, our Province is now missing two seats in the senate and that should be important. Guess what!!in today’s newspaper front page is the following headline “Trying to fill Senate seat waste of time says Ghiz”. Now there is a turn around for you, waste of time, or maybe inconvenient timing for a hopeful new Senator? It has long been rumoured that Ghiz has been angling for a Senate seat. Bringing in the HST was a stepping stone in that direction. However I think events are unfolding a little too fast for our aspiring young Premier/Senator. I can only guess he had a plan, maybe if he could narrowly win the next election then resign and move to the Senate, and of course that also depended on Harper winning the next federal election. Both these upcoming elections now look a wee bit less certain than perhaps they did a few months ago. Poor little Robert has to go back to the drawing board, he needs another Plan B!!! His last statement in today’s article goes like this. “For me ,its really about waiting for the new government to come in and find out what they are going to do with the Senate, until then I have a job to do as Premier”.Hmm, little hard to swallow that last line eh!  Not everyone agrees its a waste of time, Senator Percy Downe believes it is vital we are fully represented now. Wonder who he has in mind??? Oh!!! this world of intrigue and politics, elected officials looking after elected officials, it makes me sick. That’s my Monday morning rant for the last week of July, maybe its a waste of time too????

God Bless and keep reading

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