Budge is so Cute!!!!!Girls Soccer 1976

budger10592659_337827909706577_6311661569608248836_nYesterday on Face Book I came across this old photo of Budge receiving the “Female Athlete of the Year” whilst at Saint Augustine University in Camrose Alberta. Seemingly a friend, Kristine Mosher  found the old newspaper clipping while going through an dusty box of photos. Her post stated “I just came across this little gem”. It spurred me to look in a few of my old archive collections. Guess what I found? a couple more little gems featuring our Wee Budge dating back to 1976, back then she was an aspiring soccer player. I dedicate this blog to all her Newfoundland friends, hope you enjoy.

003002My little girl was not quite four years old but Oh! Boy did she had a great right foot kick, (note! Caroline her sister is the inset),unfortunately she didn’t make the under twelve all girl team that season. Hillis Oil Stars were the first all girls team to be registered with the Canadian Soccer Association. Also the first girls team to play in the PEI Boys under 12 league. We didn’t do well to begin but the girls quickly learned the game and after we held three different boys teams to very hard fought ties the complaining started. They shouted and protested that we had over age players on our team, we did and dropped out of the the league. We had one girl who was just over the age by a month or two, but it was more about the boys failing to beat us at what they considered a mans game. Sounds familiar eh? but it never stopped the onrush of girls into the sport. In 1977 we formed the first under fourteen all girl league with five local teams, we were on our way. Look at girls soccer today, I guess we could say Budge along with all my other girls were soccer pioneers. Go Canada Girls in the under 20 FIFA World Cup.

God Bless and keep reading

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4 Responses to Budge is so Cute!!!!!Girls Soccer 1976

  1. buntymcc says:

    And you started the first, (or was it one of the first two?) women’s teams on the Island, on which I am grateful to have played, and ensuring I lose a month of my life every four years watching the World Cup!

    • irishroverpei says:

      AH!! it is the Bunty from my soccer coaching days, I did notice the name before but wasn’t sure of the connection until now. The World Cup is great as is the Premiership which begins again for a new season on 14th Aug. In answer to your question we started the first all girls soccer team on PEI and indeed the first all girls to register with the Canadian Soccer Association.

      • buntymcc says:

        It was the women’s team I was curious about, first or was Charlottetown first? I only get TV on an aerial so no Premier League for me.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Hillis Oil Stars, our team was first and we played in the boys under twelve league in 1975, The all girls league followed the next year with us, Tom’s Red Rose.- Winsloe Brit Knits -Hunter River Mechants and Elliot River.

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