Critical Tools for farmers?????

janice-sherryWe are surely living in a world with two very separate cultures. The Very Rich Corporate Profiteers and everyone else. In today’s letter to the Editor (8th Aug) Pierre Petelle insists that chemical sprays being used by farmers are safe and critical to the production of our food. He berates Sharon Labchuk for causing fear among people over the potentially poison chemical sprays. He states, expensive sprays are used with great diligence by farmers. He goes on to say all these chemical sprays have been thoroughly tested by Health Canada before being approve.  It would be nice if we could believe what he claims is the absolute truth, unfortunately its very far from the truth. Its rather like the statement made recently by the CEO of the BC mine where the tailing pond burst into the natural environment causing unknown disasters to both human and wildlife. He said the water spilled from the mine is ALMOST drinkable???. Maybe he would like to take the first drink of that water. Clearly none of these things are done in the interest of the people, they are done for only one thing, Profit! Governments cannot be trusted to regulate or ban because the same people making the chemicals support the governments in power. Just take lawn pesticides, Janice Sherry Environment Minister doesn’t even have the courage to ban them. Too much pressure from the corporations. No one can tell me these chemical sprays are harmless, I have experienced them first hand. On more than one occasion we had to close all our windows in the middle of summer because of drifting spray from the field next door. First the unpleasant odor, then tingling around the lips, drying of the throat. We close doors and windows and bring the dogs in. Sadly we can’t bring in the other wild life, the birds, bees, butterfly’s are all sadly at the mercy of these wonderfully safe chemicals. Pity we can’t ask one the thousands of fish that died from run off from farmers fields. Sorry Mr Petelle, you will need to work a lot harder to convince me or the millions of others who believe like I do. Your chemicals are not safe, they are dangerous and destroy so much of what they come in contact with. Just by writing a letter to the editor, by using your impressive qualifications, by denigrating Ms Labchuk  and stating chemicals are safe, that is an end to the subject.  Do you truly believe yourself so smart while at the same time believe the public are so dumb that you have convinced us????? No so lad! you have a lot to learn, perhaps begin by camping out next door to a potato field for a crop season. After that you can write us another letter, that is of course if you are able to.

God Bless and keep reading

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