Caroline! Babyhood to Soccer Star!!!!

002001004005006007A Pictorial history of Caroline from baby to Soccer star.caroline 1_0003Caroline with her new bikeHistory of Girls Soccer on PEI






You might recall Caroline registered a complaint that I was portraying her younger sister as the soccer player in the family, when in fact Caroline was and still is our resident soccer star. Its difficult for a father to always maintain an even balance between two daughters, giving both equal blog time and featuring their many talents fairly!!!.  So today I will attempt to bring Caroline’s talents more into line with her younger sister’s.  Sometime in the mid 1960’s(sorry not allowed to be more specific) she began life rolling around on the living room carpet, later graduating to a baby chair. She discovered a taste for ice cream and learned to travel on four wheels. She sometimes became threatening if things didn’t go as planned and she would wield her rattle at whom ever was nearby. As the years passed she found two wheels as a more suitable means of conveyance (plus training wheels) , and she liked to pose in front of classic cars. Living in Sudbury Ontario Caroline could read labels in stores. She discovered LION (loin) chops at the Dominion meat counter. In the 1970’s she became a right winger for the under 12 girls team, she had a great right foot  placing the ball in the goal area time and again. As her birthdays came and went she moved from girls league to senior women. In the 1980’s Caroline accepted the coveted Seagull Trophy from Ian Wallis at the Cornwall finals. Caroline is still playing soccer today in Halifax NS with a senior women’s team. It kinda reminds me of the great Sir Stanley Matthews who played in British first division football until he was 50 years old!!! Way to go.  Caroline and Susannah you will always be the stars in my life. Love you both.

Alas, in 1991 my little shinning soccer star was all grown up and left me for another man!!!

God Bless and keep reading009

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2 Responses to Caroline! Babyhood to Soccer Star!!!!

  1. buntymcc says:

    That’s me in the back right of the women’s team photo! Thank you for introducing me to soccer.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    glad you noticed! I thought you might!! The good old days eh!!

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