Fish kills Fall on Deaf Ears

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On August 11th 2014 I sent this mail to the following members of the Provincial Government, Robert Ghiz, Premier, Janice Sherry, Minister of Environment, and Sonny Gallant, my local MLA. Guess what? not a word, nothing in response, just silence. I suppose its what I should have expected, after all what can any one of them offer as an excuse. There is no excuse for what is happening to this Island, to the land, the air, the water, the fish, the wildlife and of course us, the Islanders


How much longer can this go on for, there must be an end to fish kills in our rivers

Will this government finally act to prevent these poisons being used by big corporate potato growers from entering our earth, our air, our streams and rivers. Successive governments have continually turned a blind eye, have made weak excuses. Trotting out the same old excuses- no real proof found that it was toxic run off etc etc. It cannot go on much longer, we are killing fish by the thousands plus untold numbers of other wildlife, birds,bees butterfly’s earth worms and God only knows what else.  Please do the jobs you were elected for, do the right thing, have some courage for a change and face down these murderous greedy corporations and their all important spud size. Islanders cannot continue to live like this, our children cannot live like this, it must stop now. How much longer can we and this beautiful Island survive?

Talk about Silence being Golden!! it seems this Provincial Government have the market cornered on silence. Shame on our elected members, Shame on Robert Ghiz.

God Bless and keep reading

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3 Responses to Fish kills Fall on Deaf Ears

  1. Francis J. Gallant says:

    One aspect I’d like to bring up is that people depend too much on political honesty not realizing that it doesn’t exist, to a large extent. Another consideration: are the politicians forced or worse, influenced by big business. Yesterday morning I had a phone conversation with a very close friend – a long time cancer victim from PEI. She is well aware of how rampant cancer is in PEI. But how many people are aware of this unless they have been or are in contact with a family member, relative or other close contact? The research is done but the people are not being educated on the statistics or on the proven causes. Maybe if this was being handled there would be more a spirit of public action. It’s scary what will happen to economic society in general if we take action to decrease cancer but I have the impression that the politicians will be the last to make that move. And they will make that move only by being severely pushed.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Good points Francis, hope you don’t mind I used your letter in my blog today

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