Poor Health/Government on PEI

zflagpeiThere has been much talk of late regarding the fish kills and the chemical sprays being so freely used all across the land. However, by talking about fish kills we have missed the more looming and critical issue of human health. We presently rank at or near the top in many health issues. We have the highest cases of asthma and cancer just to name a couple. At the same time we have a dangerously short supply of doctors and health care workers. We have a government holding huge loans/mortgages for big corporation. Since when was it governments job to be in the local hotel business (Homburg). Would this same government give you or I a property tax break by forgiving $34.000 in back property taxes. Not a chance! unless of course you were a big corporation owing the tax payers of this province millions. Recently Ghiz stated if we don’t pay good salaries we can’t get good people to work in government! Well son! your theory is not working, we presently have the worse and most useless collection of politicians in the history of the province. There are lots of good people out there, but they are turned off by the disgusting partisan politics rampant in the province. The entitlement, self importance and the “I’m alright Jack” attitude of most elected members. I am adding a comment received from a friend who follows my blog and shares very similar views. Indeed the views of the majority of Islanders.


One aspect I’d like to bring up is that people depend too much on political honesty not realizing that it doesn’t exist, to a large extent. Another consideration: are the politicians forced or worse, influenced by big business. Yesterday morning I had a phone conversation with a very close friend – a long time cancer victim from PEI. She is well aware of how rampant cancer is in PEI. But how many people are aware of this unless they have been or are in contact with a family member, relative or other close contact? The research is done but the people are not being educated on the statistics or on the proven causes. Maybe if this was being published there would be a more spirited public action. It’s scary what will happen to economic society in general if we take action to decrease cancer but I have the impression that the politicians will be the last to make that move. And they will make it only by being severely pushed


Its time for the islanders to take real action, stop following the traditional old party lines,. Liberal/Conservative and vote for change. Vote for the Green Party or the NDP, stop these successive liberal/conservative patronage parties.  By adding a few Green/NDP members the power cycle will be greatly reduced along with the patronage appointments. Just my point of view, but remember the next election is not too far off and if you really want change you have to get rid of the old party cronies .

God Bless and keep reading


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