Appreciating Your Wife!!!

Ah! you say, that age old problem of trying to prove to your wife that you still love  her. That you still think of her as the beautiful young girl who walked down the aisle to give her hand to you in marriage all those years ago. You have tried through all the years of strife and petty quarrels, of not speaking to one another, staying mad for days.  Forgetting to take out the garbage, failing to cut the grass, oily finger marks on her best table cloth, having one too many on Friday night!!. You husbands know what I’m talking about eh!! Keeping the wee woman happy. Its a difficult and life long task, but having said that, it remains as something I would do over and over again. That lovely girl that once lived with you has aged just as you have, her hair has turned grey just as yours has, she may have added a few pounds just as you have, maybe a little slower just as you are. But could you ever live without her, I know I couldn’t. So here is the point of my blog today. Birthdays! We have them on a regular basis yet they seem to lose significance with each passing year. But they also remain important even if we deny it. Each year I search for a unique birthday gift for my wife because I do truly love her. Trust me it gets harder as the years go by. In the past I have helped keep Harley Davidson in business buying expensive accessories for her current motor bike. I have lavished her with diamonds and gold, chocolates and flowers, clothes and washing machines!. However this year I have truly out done myself and found what must be the most unique gift of our 43 years of marriage. Linda mentioned she would like a totem pole! not a huge 40 foot pole, just a small one that could stand out on our deck.  If any of the husbands reading this think they can outdo this amazing gift please let me know. There are many more birthdays to come and after this one I may need some future help.. And now to reveal this fantastic and unique gift, a five foot totem pole.totem pole  My youngest daughter Susannah says it looks a lot like me????? but her glasses are always smudged

God Bless and keep reading. Oh!! and happy birthday Linda, Love you always

About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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