Revelations XXI Armageddon (the final chapter)

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Chapter Eighteen

The Future 4012


Eve was concentrating on the monitors, calibrating and re-calibrating the recall cord, her fingers flying across the keypad. “Something is seriously wrong here we should have arrived by now, it is taking too long”. “Have you tried to reset the date-time gauge? Maybe we have gone beyond our return date”. We have Adam, that’s the problem, it indicates 3012 and we are still traveling forward. Nothing I do seems to make any difference. I simply cannot slow, reverse or stop the capsule”. Adam closed his eyes, wondering if they had only escaped one disaster to fall into another.


As suddenly as the darkness had enveloped the capsule it disappeared, the capsule suddenly filled with bright sunlight and was still. They had arrived, but the burning question was where had they arrived? They appeared to be in a large clearing on the edge of an evergreen forest. There was no sign of human life. Yet the place was teeming with wildlife, hundreds of birds fluttered between the trees and several rabbits were feeding on the lush grass. Near the tree line Adam spotted two deer grazing in the shade of the trees. The clearing was particularly beautiful with rich green vegetation and a clear blue-sky overhead. Huge white fluffy clouds drifted across the peaks of the hills. Adam opened the hatch and climbed out onto the soft thick grass. As he waited for Eve to join him he noticed how clean and fresh the air tasted. Standing together their eyes slowly traveled across the strange new surroundings. Something about this place seemed strangely familiar, like a feeling of having been here before. Looking down the steep side of the hill they could see sparkling water below. Eve, who had lived her whole life in the Highlands suddenly, realized the water below must be Loch Fyne. But how could it be, where was the town of Inverary? Where was the Duke’s castle? Where was the compound? More importantly where were the people? Adam was confused too, if this was Argyll what had happened to everyone. “Eve, we have to try and return to the year we left from, lets get back in and see if we can re-calibrate the equipment. Back in the time capsule Eve reset the date-time gauge for the umpteenth time and holding her breath pressed the recall button and waited. Nothing happened, the monitor lights blinked and flashed for a few seconds then died. The battery, the lifeblood of the capsule had failed, nothing would work. Without battery power and no way to recharge them it had become painfully obvious they were marooned. With no power the capsule was finished, without the capsule there was no hope. They returned to the grass wondering what they should do next. Adam was walking across the grassy meadow when he suddenly tripped and fell flat on his face. Picking himself up he turned to see what had caused him to fall. For a few moments he remained on his knees closely studying the ground. “Eve you have to see this, I think we are in the compound, but thousands of years in the future. Look, look closely, you can see the outline of what was once a building; see how the brick line is uniform and straight. I think the faint lines here might be where the launch site once stood”. Eve paled as she asked, “What has happened to the World, where are the people and the buildings? Eve did you check what year we finally stopped in? The time gauge was showing 4012, two thousand years into the future but I just assumed it had malfunctioned. What has happened here Adam? Do you think they finally had that awful war? I don’t know but it certainly looks like it might have happened, that would explain why we received no response when you pressed the recall button. You mean everyone is dead, my mother, Angus, everyone gone. That’s too horrible to contemplate, too awful to even think about. Eve was silently weeping as she sank to her knees on the grass. Adam quickly came to her and held her in his arms. Come on my brave girl, if we are right there is nothing we can do for them now. We must try to take strength in knowing they no longer suffer and are at peace. After a few moments Eve stood and hugged Adam, thank you dear Adam you always seem to be there for me. They embraced holding a long kiss while Adam stroked Eve’s soft silken hair. Eve whispered, I love you Adam, thank you for being so brave facing those Roman soldiers. You saved my life. Adam hugged her more tightly telling her he’d loved her from the first moment they met all those years ago. Eve almost laughed thinking they’d met in another lifetime; it was in fact many life times ago. Reluctantly they broke apart and looked at each other with questioning eyes. What on earth do we do now Adam? We can’t go back we are stuck here forever. Adam could only smile I guess the first thing we should do is find shelter. We must be mindful that we are back in the Highlands where the weather is probably no more predicable now than it was two thousand years ago. How are your fishing skills? I fancy fish might be on the menu for the foreseeable future. Eve jumped up, Wait a minute I think I know the ideal shelter. Just a little further up the hillside there is a cave, I use to play there when I was a child, I’m sure I can still find it. Half an hour later Eve found the cave, and she was right it was an ideal place to shelter. Dusk was already gathering and as they had not really slept much in the last twenty-four hours they decided to bed down for the night. Tomorrow with clearer minds it would be time enough to make plans for the long term.



They rose at the crack of dawn to cacophony of singing and squawking birds. Cold but well rested they headed back to the compound to forge their plans. For breakfast they shared a variety of wild berries and sour apples.

Making plans was not going to be easy, they argued over what should be done first, gather firewood or go fishing. Both were vitally important, the nights were cold and their hunger was gaining on them. In the end they decide to do both, one would fish while the other collected wood for a fire.

As they were about to head out to do their chores Adam suddenly stopped in his tracks.


Wait a minute, I almost forgot the message Peter gave to us. The message we were told not to read until we returned home. Adam fumbled for the small piece of parchment hidden in his belt; he carefully unfolded the delicate edges. It contained only two words “Revelations XX1. Eve said “Well, you are the minister what does it mean? I’m not completely sure but the book of Revelations tells of Armageddon, the end of the World. Adam, you can’t be serious, surely we are in the World and it’s still here peaceful and beautiful. Wait, lets not jump to conclusions let me get the Bible Angus gave me before we left, its still in the capsule, Revelations is probably the most difficult part of the Bible to understand. Adam climbed back into the capsule and retrieved the sealed package containing the well-worn Bible. Back on the grass he tore the sealing off as Eve anxiously waited at his side. Flicking quickly through the pages he found the book of Revelations and turned to chapter 21 Adam began reading verse one


“Then I saw a new Heaven and a new earth:

For the first heaven and the first earth were passed away

And there was no more sea


Adam embraced Eve as the message from Jesus slowly drifted to the ground at their feet. Adam whispered to Eve, this is our new World our new beginning


The End









About the Author

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on the fifteenth of January 1939, I was the last of six children. We lost our mother on Boxing Day of 1939. The Second World War was just four months old.

In 1942 my eldest sister Lily, and her husband officially adopted me, and I grew up in England. We lived in a variety of places both during and after the war. At age thirteen I returned to live with my family in Ireland.

In October 1954 I began the process of joining the Royal Navy, and marched off
to join HMS Ganges the following year. I was sixteen years of age, and completely unaware of what lay ahead for me at Ganges. It was certainly the toughest boy’s training establishment in the British Isles

I served for twelve years and travelled the world in both ships and submarines.

In 1967 I immigrated to Canada, first living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and later on Prince Edward Island. I married Linda, an Island girl, in 1971.We spent a short time living and working in Ontario before returning to the island to make our home where we raised two wonderful daughters. Today we dote on our beautiful grandchildren, Melissa and Christopher.

I completed a further twelve years in the Canadian Naval Reserve before retiring in 1998.

Linda and I are both retired now and reside in our cozy home in Abram Village PEI. We share our house with our two dogs and a cat. Over the years I have followed a hobby of antique British cars. In the year 2000 I began writing my first book, and four years later I published ‘Lily & Me’.

I have had several short stories published in a variety of magazines. My first book ‘Lily & Me’ was recognized at both the LA Book Festival and the NY Book Festival with Honourable Mention. In 2009 my second book was published as a sequel to “Lily & Me” titled “The Royal Navy & Me” My third book “Chapter XX1” is my first venture into the world of fiction.

About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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