Home from the Rock (NFLD)

crows nest 2crows nest 3crows nest 4crows nest 5Gangesnfldboyds_feature_2We arrived home yesterday from Newfoundland. It was great to be home and to reunite with our dogs Angel and Yoda. The Newfoundland trip was wonderful, I never weary of the scenic beauty at every turn in the road. I enjoyed Pilley Island where we came across the photo of a Ganges Boy in the local museum. I was amazed and saddened to learn the history of the Beothucks, and their demise at the hands of the Europeans and their greed. I thoroughly enjoyed watching my youngest daughter Susannah win the female category of the Carbonear  triathlon. In St Johns we spent the afternoon walking the Rooms, an amazing huge and modern museum depicting the history of Newfoundland. However, the most memorable moment was to sit in the Crows Nest and sip a pint of draft Guinness . The Crows Nest is now correctly designated as a historic site. I love going there on each visit to the Rock, it is always the highlight of my travels. The Crows Nest is where the convoy Captains and officers relaxed, played games, sang the popular war songs of the times, and planned strategy. Outside St Johns harbour lay the cold North Atlantic, an ocean crawling with U Boats. The convoys were the lifeline to Britain with desperately needed war materials and foods, weapons and troops. The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest running battle of the 2nd World War. Just sitting at the fireplace one can almost feel the nostalgia and the presence of those long gone dangerous times. An amazing place, it is well worth a visit, photos give a sense of the place but in my opinion fail to do it justice, you have to be there to appreciate.

The photos attached are as follows (1)The Very knowledgeable  Bar manager and tour guide. (2)Looking thru the Crowsnest U Boat periscope. (3)Sipping a pint of Guinness. (4) The Fireplace, (5) Ganges Boy,(6) Beothuck Meseum.

God Bless and keep reading

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