God Will They Ever Learn – Part Three

one man-woman377676_380461248692648_566911204_nI want to post the following response on the title subject. I`m doing this because CeeDee said and I quote—I’m sure you won’t publish this reply because it’s your blog and you get the last word—-.

2 Responses to My God Will they ever Learn—Part 2

  1. CeeDee says:

    It’s amazing how you jump to ‘wrong’ conclusions. Firstly, your blog that I receive by email was just ‘stuck’ in my junk mailbox, not sure why it went there, it just did, but no suggestion of it belonging there was made. If I thought it, I would have said it. I was not judgmental in my reply at all. All I did was quote Gods Word.
    Second CeeDee is a he; not a she, and an ex matelot from the UK.
    I fail to see how you could misconstrue my reply so much, I never mentioned agreeing with Jackie’s parents and cutting her off. Nor did I say anything about not loving the homosexual. On the contrary we are indeed to love one another, just as The Lord does. God loves all of us unequivocally, but he hates the sin.
    I’m not sure why you consider the homosexual population to a “large” section of the population, on the contrary it’s quite small, BUT very vocal and that’s why they get so much done on their behalf.
    I’m sure you won’t publish this reply because it’s your blog and you get the last word.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Hi Cee Dee I was expecting to hear from you! sorry about the junk mail remark, I couldn’t resist as it just seemed funny.. However as to misconstruing my mentioning of Jackie’s family and the deplorable way they treated her. Come on CeeDee you either agree with their actions or with my objections, you can’t have it both ways. Next you claim the homosexual population is quite small. It is presently estimate in the world at approx 10%. A study done in the USA (1996) estimated 9.8%males and 5% females. That is not counting the huge number still in the closet. People living in countries like Russia and across Africa live in fear for their lives. Hardly a small percentage and 10% is a very modest estimate when you consider those uncounted. You also state they are very focal, yes they are, they have to be to gain respect and equal treatment as the rest of us. Just be thankful you do not have to march to get your equal rights. Anyway CeeDee I doubt you and I will ever reach an agreement on the subject, so it is better we end this amicably rather than continue to wage words across the internet. I`m truly pleased that you responded to my blog, it matters not whether you agree or not, what matters is we have had a good dialogue. Also we as ex-matelots have re-connected, I wonder if perhaps our paths crossed whilst in the Navy. Either way I wish you all the best and I hope you will continue to follow my blog and interject when you see the need. God Bless.
    Yours Aye Ben

    Hmm!!! it occurs to me I have maybe had the last word again, sorry it wasn`t intentional I merely replied to your comments

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