The death of the Penny

advertizingPerhaps you will remember that back on 4th Feb 2013 I posted a blog about the demise of the Penny (one Cent) from our Canadian currency. However, it appears a lot of businesses never heard the news that the penny is no more. I still see a variety of ads featuring prices such as $9.99 or $5.99 or $19.99 etc etc. Surely these ads are dishonest? and should read $10.00-$6.00 and $20.00. Or perhaps lower the price to say $9.95. When the price is not an even figure it is rounded out to the nearest total, example $9.99 becomes $10.00. Why are these businesses permitted to promote false advertizing. I know its only a penny but its still false advertizing. We surely know how advertisers twist the truth to sell a product, the small print we can’t read, the hidden clause, the empty promise and so on. Its time the Government acted and cleaned up the advertising industry. Added below my 2013 blog about the penny!!!!!

Its a sad day for some of us, the last day of Canada issuing the one cent coin. The poor wee penny you say, but what the heck it wasn’t worth anything was it. That is true today but it wasn’t always so. There was a time when this famous coin was of great value. In fact I grew up in an era when the penny could be broken down into even lower denominations. Any one remember the halfpenny (Ha’penny) or lower still to the Farthing. Four farthings to one penny. The penny stood for many things in the past, what about the Penny Farthing cycle! how about the saying “Penny wise Pound foolish” or “A penny for your thoughts” and my favourite of all “Mom I really need to spend a penny” For you youngsters that have never heard this term “to spend a penny”  means I need to visit the washroom real bad. In the bookies shops one often heard the term when placing a bet,”in for a penny in for a pound”. There were many other terms that featured the penny, in Ireland children would often stand at the street corner and ask passerby’s  “Give us a penny Mr” I got a shock in Dublin a couple of years ago when a young girl said “give us a pound Mr”  Wow!! inflation hits everyone. Well time to say farewell to the wonderful old faithful penny. I think I’ll visit the Penny Arcade to spend my last coins, wait a minute is there such a thing as a Penny Arcade anymore????

God Bless and keep reading

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