Have Your Say in MLA Pay?????

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The photos are my Rogues Gallery plus a few snaps of the destruction caused by Plan B

The blog heading is what appeared on the front page of today’s Journal Pioneer (30th Sept) another pay raise for our elected officials, unbelievable. How many Islanders will actually complain to the right people? most will mutter about it over the breakfast table, others will discuss it at places like Tim Hortons, and maybe a few, just maybe will write to the newspaper. However, the raise will no doubt go through just like the last three that have been approved since 2013. I have posted photos of a few of these poor politicians that can’t manage on a salary of over $100,000 per year. That is before we get into perks like cars, gas cards, meal and travel expenses. Regarding meal expenses we are still waiting to hear McKinley’s excuses for spending some $8000 dollars at fast food outlets??? Here are a few things to ponder before you decide if a raise is in order. Remember how Ghiz unleashed the RCMP to evict and arrest citizens who dared to oppose his Plan B highway, remember how we have the lowest score in Education in the Country, remember how we have the largest deficit in our history, remember the fish kills, water and air pollution, Geo Sweep (4million) and the HST that Ghiz said he would never bring in. Does any one really think these people deserve a raise, seem to me they should all be fired. Finally, if there is spare money for pay raises shouldn’t they be used to up the minimum wage to a decent level. I doubt Mckinley and Co would be spending as much time at fast food outlets if he were earning minimum wage.  Instead of an MLA raise perhaps a pay cut is more in order. That concludes my last rant for the month of September.

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