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What Will the Next 100 Years Hold

I’m unlikely to live for 100 years but even in my short 75 years I have seen immense changes. Who could have imagined the internet, flat screen TV’s, Satellites, Iphones and the advances in medicine,  the list goes on and … Continue reading

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Arsenal Still Unbeaten in Premiership

Arsenal defeated Aston Villa 3-0 today, the three goals came inside four minutes of the first half. The second half was hardly a game as Arsenal retained 80% of the ball passing back and forward with Villa chasing it. It … Continue reading

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A Historic Day to Remember

Yesterday the mood across the land was tense, on Mary Road we waited with bated breath as the days historic events unfolded. Around 10am Budge moved her car toward the garage, the excitement was almost overwhelming.  Slowly the garage overhead … Continue reading

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Great Scot!!! This is the Day??????

I hope I did not offend too many Scots with my Haggis remarks in yesterday’s blog, and I ‘m mean no offence today when I tell you I like Black pudding about as much as Haggis. However those two dislikes … Continue reading

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Stand Alone Scotland??

I believe if Scotland vote yes tomorrow and separate from England it will be the saddest day of their history. I realize they have a great history of fighting the English, struggling to throw off the English yoke and so … Continue reading

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Muslim Hatred on a T Shirt

I’m certainly not a fashion statement not even a natty dresser, and I’m most likely wearing out dated clothes. Nevertheless, I recognize bad fashion and or poor taste when I see it.  I once saw a person wearing a T … Continue reading

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Power or Poverty??

It appears to me one of the Muslim objectives is to out populate the Christians in Britain. Perhaps in other European nations too. Much the same thing is taking place in Belgium as I write this. I can recall in … Continue reading

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Something to Think About

This is something to seriously think about on this wet Sunday morning. Sharia Law???Belgistan today, Europe tomorrow. The end to our Christian way of life only if we allow it to happen. It seems to me the time has come … Continue reading

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Arsenal Remain Unbeaten

Arsenal held Manchester City to a 2-2  tie yesterday. It was one of the best games so far this season. City were lucky to come away with a point as Arsenal controlled most of the game. The two Arsenal goals … Continue reading

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A beloved Yorkshire Wife!!

It has been a week of dealing with too many serious blog issues, maybe  boring blog issues??? Its the weekend and time for a wee bit of humour   An elderly man lay dying in his bed while suffering the … Continue reading

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