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Dining with Admirals (Not in my Day)

Outstanding men and women from across the Naval Service celebrated the greatest sea victory in British history at a unique dinner aboard Nelson’s flagship. Ninety-four sailors and Royal Marines were invited to join First Sea Lord Admiral Sir George Zambellas … Continue reading

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Herr Harper!!!

After the recent attack in the Canadian Parliament buildings, much has been said by a variety of politicians. Much praise has been applied to the security teams and in particular the Sargent at Arms. On the news media we have … Continue reading

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HMS Ganges – Boys Training Camp

HMS Ganges the Boys training school of the Royal Navy,was the toughest training camp for young boys anywhere. The place where the Royal Navy turned boys into men.  Turned them into the very best sailors in the Navy, they were … Continue reading

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The Next Federal Election!!!

      The next Federal election is not that far off and I’m a little concerned about our choices. I believe the majority of voters want rid of Harper, and therein lies the problem. I would be comfortable if … Continue reading

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Peace in our Time

Peace in our time is a wonderful idea and it might happen some day. However,while the world continues to produce people like Hitler it will never happen. Yesterday the Island Peace Alliance marched in protest claiming the two recent deaths … Continue reading

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Another Three Points

Arsenal defeated Sunderland 2-0 on Saturday and gained another three points. However, it was less than a stellar performance, could have gone either way, as the gunners held onto a thin 1-o lead throughout most of the match. They only … Continue reading

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Funeral Procession From Ottawa!

For the greater part of today the CBC have been giving wide spread coverage to the tragic death of Cpl Cirillo. Politicians, one after another appeared on camera to tell of their fearful experiences and to praise the bravery of … Continue reading

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Politically Correct????

I realize with the recent tragic events that took place in Quebec and Ottawa, that most Canadians are very angry. I’m very angry,  when a man can run down and kill a Canadian soldier, and another can shoot  an unarmed … Continue reading

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Not A Great Day 22nd Oct 2014

The day started out badly and then went from bad to worse. First thing this morning I had to take my wife Linda, to the emergency at the Prince County Hospital with severe abdominal pains. It turned out her appendix … Continue reading

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Preface to Lily & Me. In Remembrance.

As I prepare to launch my latest book “Chapter XXI. Armageddon” I thought a re-post of the preface from my first book might be of interest to some of my readers. As we are once again nearing Remembrance Day,  and … Continue reading

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