The Irish Army Today.

IrishamylebanonIrishArmy_PreEmergency_RecruitmentPoster_LOWRESBadge_of_the_Irish_Defence_Forces.svgI read an article in today’s newspaper about the Irish Army and the serious shortage of uniforms. At a recent state funeral in Dublin soldiers had to scramble to borrow, mix and match pieces of uniform in order to appear on parade. This is a very sad state and a dreadful shortcoming of the Irish Government to allow such a deplorable deterioration of Ireland’s own soldiers.

The Irish Army, a force of 7500 troops, get little recognition as players on the world stage . Yet these same troops have served in so many conflicts throughout the last century. They have served with NATO all over the world, and even though a neutral nation during the second world war, over 5000 Irish soldiers deserted to join the British Army fighting Germany. These soldiers were later forgiven by the Irish government and all their rights returned to them. In the three photos posted you can see the Army cap badge, the 1930’s uniform (looks uncomfortably German) and modern day troops in Lebanon. I hope the Irish government quickly resolve the issue and provide adequate uniforms for her troops. As a veteran I know the great pride one feels wearing the uniform of your nation. It seems these days many military forces are a low priority on government agendas, and that certainly includes the Canadian Government. Shame on politicians who care more for their own interests than those of the men and women who provide their security and comfort.

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  1. baconburner says:

    A very sad state of affairs for Ireland. I had the honour of serving with Irish Infanteers in Cairo Egypt 1973-1974. A proud bunch of hard working soldiers. Wearing Blue berets….FYI hard drinkers as well many a pint shared.

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