Funeral Procession From Ottawa!

cirillopatriceFor the greater part of today the CBC have been giving wide spread coverage to the tragic death of Cpl Cirillo. Politicians, one after another appeared on camera to tell of their fearful experiences and to praise the bravery of the security services. They spoke at length about the death of Cpl Cirillo and the cowardly act of Zehaf Bibeau.  The cameras followed the funeral procession from Ottawa to Hamilton. It was indeed a very impressive response to see Canadians line the highway to pay their last respects to this fallen soldier. To hear the many voices singing our national anthem “Oh Canada”. So moving and stirring, the tremendous feelings of emotion, grief, tears, loss and such great pride. Yet it seems to me we have an imbalance here. We are Canadian and we stand with our troops, and while this is indeed how we must and should conduct ourselves over this sad and tragic death, I have to wonder if some of our politicians had the same aims. Cpl Cirillo has become a name known all across Canada,I realize it occurred in our Capital city. Location is important but it leaves me wondering how many Canadians can name the other soldier killed in Quebec? Should our politicians and the CBC not give equal coverage to the death of WO Patrice Vincent?  He was deliberately  run down and killed by another radical Islamist named Rouleau. Yet one really had to pay close attention to the news today just to hear Patrice’s name mentioned. I think it is right to do honour to one fallen soldier, but is equally and  seemingly wrong to forget the other. I doubt everyone will agree with my sentiments, and I do understand, it is a difficult and hurtful subject to broach. Nevertheless, two soldiers died this week and they both deserve to be remembered equally, regardless of how they died. Both were good men both were defenders of our freedom. In the words of the Royal Canadian Legion “We shall remember them”

God Bless and keep reading

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2 Responses to Funeral Procession From Ottawa!

  1. baconburner says:

    YES a resounding YES both soldiers should have been mentioned and honoured today. The politicos saying they had a fearful experience. Hell they in their own words were ensconced in Caucus with Barricades on the doors. Perhaps just perhaps they will now realise what our troops go through in far flung places of the world. Sadly it took the death of two soldiers. As for the Sgt at Arms although heroic, he was doing his job. Facing up to the terrorist was indeed brave and as a retired RCMP officer he deserves praise. I pray that we lose no more Canadians to these cowardly terrorists. Also a congratulations is in order for the yong Soldier in Calgary who refuses not to wear his Uniform down town. He is proud of his uniform and is not gicing into the terrorists in his own way. Bravo Zulu

  2. irishroverpei says:

    I was disgusted with the order for military personnel not to wear their uniforms off base. Are they suggesting they hid in fear

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