Herr Harper!!!

Harris-Harper-featureAfter the recent attack in the Canadian Parliament buildings, much has been said by a variety of politicians. Much praise has been applied to the security teams and in particular the Sargent at Arms. On the news media we have seen the bullet holes in the doors,walls and windows. It has indeed been a time of realization that violence can occur on our home soil. It proves attacks can take place  unexpectedly and in places we’d never think vulnerable. The passed week has been a wake up call and a warning for all Canadians. However, I think it has also been a week where Canadians have shown their determination to stand up without fear to these threats. Nevertheless, I can’t help but think some of our politicians are milking this situation for their own benefits. Does any one really believe that Steven Harper was genuine when he hugged the leaders of the opposition parties Trudeau and Mulcair???????

Regardless of what he tells the people of Canada, Herr Harper is a one man government, he does what he wants not what the majority of Canadians want. He has demonstrated that over and over while stating the exact opposite. This is something we must all consider seriously as the next Federal election draws near. I have added a quote from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, he said this just after being re-elected with a majority government in 2011.

“We are intensely aware that we are and must be government of all Canadians including those that did not vote for us. And friends hear me on this, all the lessons of the past few years of holding to our principles, and listening, of caring, of adapting those lessons that come with a minority government we must continue as a majority government.”


Food for thought!!! God Bless and keep reading

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