Del Mastro Guilty! who me?????

deandelmastroGuilty!!!!what,Me, you must have it wrong.

Previous Post 24th June 2014

Remember this Good Ole Boy??? he stood up in parliament two years ago and made the following statement. The Conservative Party do not need to be investigated by the RCMP because they have done nothing wrong. Its so refreshing to have such honest members of parliament standing up and defending their integrity. Oops! is that the same Good Ole Boy who is now in court for cheating on his election campaign funds. Below I have re-posted my blog from 21st June 2012, what goes around comes around eh!!!!!

Posted 27th Sept 2013

Remember This Guy?????

Oh Boy, its going to be difficult but I will try not to be too smug while writing today’s blog. It wont be easy because this is really a case of “I told you so”. Our old friend Del Mastro, you probably remember him, he stood large and loud in the house early last year defending the Conservative Government. He was merciless in accusing and condemning the opposition parties for alleged election fraud. He demanded they hand over their phone records to Elections Canada. However when asked by reporters if his party would be doing the same he said no!!! they had done nothing wrong. Well just yesterday Del Mastro our good ole boy was removed/resigned from the government caucus. He was charge with four counts of fraud by Elections Canada, oops!!!!
I feel for our poor embattled and fearless leader, poor ole Stevie. First the senate scandal now this, and heck parliament is already prorogued, wonder if he can extend it until Christmas?? Sorry, I’m being smug after promising to not to be. Its really hard because I feel like a lucky dog that just found a juicy bone. I believe its time for Harper to step down, and I believe he will before the next election. He`ll find a suitable excuse, health, need to spend more time with family, run out of blue sweaters or maybe the cat has run away, he`ll think of something. For me the sooner the better.
Anyway just so you will better understand why I`m so happy
writing this today please read my blog from March 6th 2012.

The Man of the Moment

Posted on March 6, 2012

Sorry folks! Please try to believe me, I honestly, really really really tried to write about something other than Canadian politics today. But the laughs rolling in from those comedians on the hill are just too precious to ignore. The posted photo is Dean Del Mastro MP, “The man of the Moment”. Harper was right on when he picked this guy as his mouth piece. Our Del Boy is amazing with his answers, he could have co-starred with Laurel & Hardy or Abbot & Costello. The latest zinger to be released from his red hot intellect came yesterday. In front of the news media he demand the Liberals turn over their phone records from the last election. When asked by a reporter if the Conservatives would be turning over their records, he said no. The conservatives did nothing wrong so don’t have to make their phone records public. Where did Harper find this guy???he’s great, he’s funny and through it all keeps a straight face, its incredible.
I think Bob Rae might become his greatest fan. If he can keep this up the Canadian parliament could soon move to Broadway. Del is so funny he could pass himself off as one of the thousands of Innocent men in prison. Groan!!! I really have to stop watching the CBC news on TV, my sides are still aching from all the laughing.


Sorry folks this is just one more honest politician who has been found guilty of cheating. As he so ardently defended the Harper regime it makes one wonder who else is guilty of cheating, seems to run in the conservative family. I had this guy nailed way back in 2012 but it took almost three years to catch him out. Shouldn’t we be be more diligent and aware in the next election just a year away. If we aren’t we could end up with another four years of Harper. Check where your polling station is, don’t rely on robo calls or politician hand outs. Get the vote out and get an honest result.

Gods Bless and keep reading

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