The Johovah Witness Travel Agent.

Regarding the many comments to JW parent and the Remembrance Day incident of not allowing a public library reader tell a story about remembrance to her 5 year old child. I received only positive comments all condemning the parent. In fact I received just one single reply objecting to my blog subject naming me as a racist.  So folks I want to tell you a story of a particular Jehovah witness travel agent. In the 1980 thru 1990’s I was part of a Island group bringing Irish children to the island for a four week holiday away from the secterian violence of Northern Ireland. My job was to arrange the air travel at the lowest possible cost for 12 children and two adults. We were a volunteer group depending on fund raising to pay for the program, the biggest chunk being the flights. I contacted several travel companies in Charlottetown for quotes. One agent gave me a good price and I decided to go with it and book the flights. That was when the travel agent ran into problems. The flights came out of Belfast to Toronto, then a flight to PEI on a smaller plane. The problem was all the seats on the Charlottetown flight were sold out, note this was booked at least two months before the actual flight dates. The travel agent could not understand why the Charlottetown flight would have all the seats booked so far in advance and only on that particular date. It was very strange. She checked closer and found another agent had intentionally book the seats in order to block her order. If she couldn’t get my seats to Charlottetown I would obviously have to try another agent. No prize for guessing which agent, he had callously tried to stop my plans for the children in order for him to get the business. It was the travel agent that had his business next door to our coffee shop, he was a practicing Jehovah Witness. When I confronted him he at first denied all knowledge, I had so much proof he was eventually shamed into  admitting it. The seats were released and the children arrived safely that summer. He had earlier given me a very low quote that was quite impractical. The group would fly out of Belfast to a secondary Glasgow airport. Nothing was arranged to get the 12 children,two chaperons and all their luggage from this airport to catch the international flight on the other side of the city. This was how he could produce his lower price.When I turned his quote he attempted to force us to buy his package by blocking those seats. Regardless of which faith he belonged to this was less than an act of Christianity. I wondered at the time if his church would have approved? In his case wouldn’t this bring him down to a level comparable with us no so Christian Christians according to Jehovah Witnesses????

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2 Responses to The Johovah Witness Travel Agent.

  1. Clarence says:

    This would be frowned upon in side the JW church, but there wouldn’t be any grounds for discipline…..unless it was against a fellow brother/believer. Then yo would probably receive a stern talking to unless you repeatedly committed an offense where you deliberately took advantage of your brother.
    This (attitude toward your group) just goes to show the mind-set that they have towards non-members of their faith. LoL

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Hi Clarence I doubt anything happened to this guy, but I did get some satisfaction later when his church sent him to Coventry for a month, even his own family couldn’t talk to him. Of course that might not have been a punishment!!!

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