Poor Weary Young Robert Ghiz

robertghiz Forgive me if I allow sarcasm to creep into this blog regarding Robert Ghiz and his recent announcement to step down as Leader of the Provincial Liberal Government of PEI.  Ghiz surprised just about everyone by announcing his intentions the day after the Speech from the Throne. Apparently poor Robert is tired! and would appreciate if the Liberal Party would hold a convention to elect a new leader no later than January/February of 2015. In the meantime he will continue as leader but wont be around much.  He probably wont be attending question period or much of anything else related to running the Province.  Oh! but he will in all likelihood show up on pay days as usual!!! Now, maybe I’m being unsympathetic, perhaps even a wee bit unkind, but his excuses seem pretty weak. He tells us he is tired and has lost interest and needs to spend more time with his young family.  I find this bit very hard to understand, here is a young man of 40 years with a young family that he tells us he needs to spend more time with. I would venture there are at least fifty thousand young fathers in this Province (million across Canada) that would also like to spend more time with there families. However, the problem is most of these young fathers have to earn (I emphasis earn) a living in order to support their children. Many of these young fathers are gone for months at a time working away from their families and their homes. So you can see my problem here right???? What makes Robert Ghiz think he is different from any other hard working parent. Surely he can’t think he is extra special, more deserving, more privileged. Then again, maybe he does, maybe he thinks he should stay at home and the Tax payers should continue to pay his salary. A salary that in most cases is more than double what most other young Island fathers earn. Maybe he thinks he has done such a great job of running this province he should be rewarded. Maybe he thinks us nasty Islanders are never satisfied and complain about everything just for the sake of complaining. I can’t write any more because I simply get too angry and use inappropriate words on my otherwise family friendly blog. I will tell you I’m no longer a young father, I was once and many a day I was tired, many a day I didn’t feel like going to go to work.  But I did because I had a young family to support and that is what fathers do in the real world..Robert Ghiz should be ashamed of himself and he should resign now. The Government should appoint an interim leader until a permanent leader can be properly elected and within a reasonable time frame. Finally I have added an Article from Alan Holman, I don’t always agree with Alan’s views but in this case I do.

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