The Bizarre Situation of the Province

robertghizwes_sheridan_mediumThanks to the mess created by Robert Ghiz in not fulfilling is obligations to the Province, we now find ourselves in a very bizarre situation. Ghiz has failed to do things correctly by resigning and allowing the government to appoint an interim leader. He has told the sitting members he will stay on until no later than February 2015. On full pay of course. However, during that time he doesn’t plan to do any work as he is tired and needs to spend time with his family!  What this has done is create a ridiculous leadership contenders race. That in itself is not the major problem or issue. Its the fact that in the very short time frame the only probably candidates will come from within the government and no doubt from several cabinet members. That certainly does not get me excited about the future. I can’t see a clean sweep happening and a new group of fresh new faces eager to set a new course for the Province. We are probably looking at one of a handful of deadwood cabinet ministers throwing their hats into the ring. None in my opinion are leadership material, they remind me of a flock of sheep who have lost their weary Sheppard. The first one to begin his run appears to be Wes Sheridan (the million dollar man) he is already suggesting tax breaks. This coming from the man who slipped the infamous HST onto islanders backs right after the last election. No mention was made before the election, in fact we were told there were no ongoing talks/negotiations about the HST. I emailed Sheridan as soon as the HST became fact. I asked why heating oil was exempt but electricity wasn’t. I pointed out that not everyone used oil to heat their homes, but everyone used electricity, that the oil furnace need electricity to run. No sympathy, he said he could only exempt a few items, and he felt oil was more important. Guess what? on Compass tonight Sheridan said he is looking at exempting electricity. However, it wouldn’t be until after the election. So it looks to me like he has begun his run for the leadership and is already making empty promises about the things he will do. Don’t be fooled folks, this guy talks the talk but he doesn’t walk the walk. Remember if we don’t learn from history we are bound to repeat it. Don’t be fooled this time around.

God Bless and keep reading

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