Jehovah Witness Objection to Remembrance!

remembrance dayBack in November I wrote a blog about an incident where a lady from Georgetown PE (A Jehovah Witness) strongly objected to the public library reading stories to children about the meaning of Remembrance Day. I was quite outraged at the idea that this woman thought she had the right to tell others what we could and couldn’t do, believing she had the right to impose her beliefs on others..  My blog didn’t exactly go viral but I received the biggest response ever, Dozens of people commented, all positive.I had over five thousand hits with only one negative response, a response that made little sense and was quite inane. Something about not telling our children about Grandfathers shooting down Grandmothers in Bi Planes???

The blog issues continued for a few days then gradually faded from interest, I considered the subject put to bed and went on to other matters of interest. Yesterday I received two email comments from another JW person. I confess I was a wee bit surprised, but after reading her message I was left wondering who was blaming who here??? I attach her first email

If you take pride and dying for your country dont judge those who die for God. Stop judging and you won’t be judge. Leave the JW alone.

Its the last sentence that I take issue with here “leave the JW alone” My question,  who does this person think opened this can of worms. Not me that is for sure! it was the Jehovah Witness from Georgetown who wanted to impose her beliefs on others. I can assure the writer of this email I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in her religion and I’m already leaving them well alone. I attach her second email below.

You guys act like JW are the anti-christ.

Not at all, you, just like the rest of us live in a country where you are free to practice whatever faith you wish. My issue is that we respect the people who sacrificed their lives to give us that freedom of choice. If you find Remembrance Day offensive then ignore it and in turn we will ignore you.

God Bless and keep reading

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