Sour Grapes from the Province PC’s Past (Ballem)

Ballemolive_craneWith a new PC leadership race underway one might consider who the back room boys are backing this time? They have no compunction in stabbing people in the back if they don’t want them as leader. Just ask Olive Crane. It was so obvious when she won the last PC leadership race by the angry look on Ballem’s face, he didn’t even have the good manners to congratulate her on the stage. As most already know she didn’t last long before she was ousted by a back room conspired action. Was Ballem a part of that? almost certainly he was.   So who do the back rooms boys like this time around? I’m guessing it is Rob Lantz! I can’t imagine they’d back Ms Compton, heck she’s a woman!!! Whatever the outcome this will be another nasty under cover fight. It makes me wonder if we shouldn’t used our votes for any party other than the Conservatives and Liberals. Might not be a bad idea to have a few NDP and Greens in the house and no majority government. Maybe then we will get the Island finances in order. See my post from the last leadership race below.


Having just viewed the CBC Compass interview with Jamie Ballem I have to think he is a sore loser. And by refusing to join Olive and the other three candidates at a dinner I believe he has done the conservative party serious damage. In the Compass interview I was amazed that he all but accused the other candidates of lying and conspiracy. That’s hardly something new in politics of course its more often referred to as Spin Doctoring these days. A sad ending indeed,  almost like saying “if I can’t be the next premier, nor will you. I bet the Liberals are very happy!!!!
Cheers and keep reading.

So folks!!! what to do????? my advice vote Green and if you can’t vote Green vote NDP.

God Bless and keep reading.

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2 Responses to Sour Grapes from the Province PC’s Past (Ballem)

  1. baconburner says:

    Ben I hope this is not a second comment as I seem to have lost the first Cyber wise.
    Anyhoo here goes again. You sir are far to kind and politically correct with regard to Jamie Ballem. He is a charlatan, a cheat and a rude crude ignorant individual. I worked as campaign manager for fred McCardle during the last leadership race. Ballem and his cronies broke many rules in the run up to the leadership convention INCLUDING failure to submit his paperwork on time. This meant instant dismissal from the race for others. Yet on the 13th hour the rules were bent for this inconsiderate candidate. He lost the leadership race as we know, and he left with a face like thunder, expletives flowing from his mouth and the mouths of his gaggle of legal eagle cronies. A NASTY man to say the least with no hint of manners nor politeness.
    Your Blog is one of the few truths on PEI and you certainly toss political correctness into the gutter where this Guttersnipe resides.
    Have a wonderful day Amigo and keep up the great Blogs.
    Robby McRobb a True Blue Try and Proud Canadian.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Its a dreadful conundrum!!! who to vote for????. I’m less than impressed with the probably leadership candidates for the PC’s. Then there is King Wade for the Liberals with his loyal following a grinning Cheshire cat cabinet ministers lined up behind him. Not much of a choice just more of the tired and same old same old bunch. All just waiting greedily to return to the trough of tax payers money.

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