The End of an Era!

0_around_edinburgh_-_holyrood_park_031184_1024When I think of all the songs that related to the postman and love letters it seems so sad today.  Remember Pat Boone and his “Love letters in the Sand” or Elvis “Mr Postman” and so many tunes all singing about the mail. Here I’m today, its almost Christmas in the year 2014 and so far I have sent out two Christmas cards and received one. Years ago the mantle over the fireplace would have been full of cards and I would have sent out dozens to family and friends. So much has changed in my life time, some things for the better, but it seem a lot more not so good. Often we talk about the good old days, a time when life was simple, a time when the postman came twice a day! Well today did take us back a wee bit in time, gas (petrol) prices have dropped to 99.9 cents per litre. The last time gas was this low was in 2010. However the price of a local postage stamp now costs more that a litre of gas. Thank goodness we have email.

 Like the Eggs and Butter man, the iceman, and the lamp lighters, sadly we have reached the end of the line for the beloved postman. I don’t suppose everyone would agree with my use of the term “Beloved” and no, of course I  wasn’t ever in love with a postman. However, Christmas was that very special time of year when children  keep a lookout for the postman coming down the street with his bulging bag of mail and parcels. As a child I sat at the window anticipating his arrival each morning in the days leading up to Christmas. Would he have a parcel for me, a card or would he disappoint me by passing by. Later when I was older and in the navy the single most important thing we looked forward to when returning to harbour was the mail. Letters from sweethearts and family played a very important roll in the lives of young sailors when far away from home. It was even more special at Christmas when we were on the other side of the world and missing the folks at home. In those days Mail was king, but alas today we have Emails, Facebook and Twitter, nice but not the same as getting that all important card from ones sweetheart.  Oh! dear, thinking of sweethearts what will become of Saint Valentines Day????? No more mystery cards with the words SWALK printed on the back of the envelope. We live in a rapidly changing world and not all the changes are for the better. Sorry I have to go, must check and see if I still have a mail box. And that is my stamp on the Canadian Postal Service announcement.

God Bless and keep reading  —— Merry Christmas Everyone.


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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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