Out With the Old In With the New!!!

001002My journey into technology probably began in the 1950’s when I went from dipping a pen in an ink well to a fountain pen. Later it was the amazing ball point pen. The first TV in my life was a 9 inch B/W with one channel that came on at 4 pm and shut down at 11 pm. I think we spent more time on the roof adjusting the aerial than actually watching the screen. Before the end of the 1950’s I had a twin head Phillips electric shaver, didn’t use it much in those days but I was up to date. Into the 1960’s came the tiny transistor radio,Wow!!! this was one of the most exciting new must have items, if only to listen to the new group called the Beatles. Portable tape recorders were the rage for a while, but the portable record player was an absolute necessity. New vinyl 45’s and LP’s collections also required. Suddenly, in car entertainment became the latest fad, but only if you had a car! The popular 4 track tape player disappeared over night when the newer 8 track came on the market. By the time we reached the 1970’s the 8 track was giving way to cassette tapes. It was understandable as the 8 track took up the space of approximately 8 of the tiny cassettes. Instantly your cars front bench seat had room for a passenger to sit without need to throw a dozen 8 tracks onto the back seat. Probably my biggest technological break through came in the form of a new 21 inch colour TV. I entered the 1980’s watching Capt Kirk streak across space, all in colour. I think it happened in the mid 1980’s that technology slowly got ahead of me. Linda bought a VCR, an amazing addition to a TV now I could play movies rented from local VCR shops. Trying to keep pace with the rushing world of hi tech I got Linda a new cell phone from Island Tel. As cell phones go this was very modern but also about the size of a mans size 8 shoe.

In the 1990’s the VCR became obsolete, I was not sorry because I had never completely mastered how to program it. The new DVD and CD players quickly swamped the market. The rotary dial phones disappeared as the new touch tone arrived. Cell phones seemed to be everywhere,I often thought people were talking to themselves when on the latest tiny cell phones. Linda was always dragging me into the new year, late in 1990 she came home with a computer. Egad!!!what on earth could we do with a computer I said, it couldn’t possible be of any use for us???  You see by this period in my life I was slipping further and further behind. The computer was a wonder of the age and I quickly learned how to use it. By 2009 I had written and published two books and all via my computer. I would never have started one book had I been using a typewriter. More problems arose in 2010 when Linda said I should change to a lap top and get rid of the big obsolete computer unit that by now I loved. It was a difficult parting of the ways as a new lap top appeared on my desk. Nevertheless, I wasn’t a complete wimp, and insisted on keeping my mouse,  I still use a cordless mouse today. So by 2014 you might think my trouble were over and that I was right up to date. Enter the Grand Kids (smart little techies that they are) they had the temerity to tell me my cell phone was an antique!!!They laughed when I defended it, they said I couldn’t text nor take photos with it. I protested that was what a camera was for, and phones were for talking on not texting!!!! I lost this battle too! yesterday I turned in my beloved cell phone for one of these fancy new  smart phones. So far it has turned out to be much smarter than me. I suppose by the time I publish this blog the smart phone will have been replaced by a smarter phone, and as for me I shall sink deeper into the past. Next time I say “out with the old” I’ll probably be referring to myself. Happy New Year.

God Bless and keep reading


About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Out With the Old In With the New!!!

  1. Tony Miles says:

    Great blog post Ben, are we really that old? Happy and Prosperous new year to you and your family.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Thanks Tony! yes I guess we are that old!!! Happy New Year

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