Royal Canadian Legion—Change is Needed

ww2medalsToday I completed my resolution which I intend to present at the monthly meeting of my local legion branch on Monday evening 12th January 2015. I think I’m well prepared and I hope I have drawn up the resolution correctly. I also hope I get good support from my fellow comrades when I make the motion to adopt. If it is adopted the next move is to forward it to the AGM of the Provincial Command that takes place in May. From there it will follow the chain of command to Dominion Command where the final decision it will be made. No way of knowing the outcome, however, if I’m given the chance to air my views I cannot believe it will not pass. If the present law continues(only owners of medals may wear them) in force thousand of Second World War and Korean War medals will disappear for all time.   Have you seen any First World War medals at recent Remembrance day services?? of course not! there are no 1st WW veterans left. If we do not allow the children of our late Veterans/parents/grandparents to wear their medals (on the Right Breast)with pride and honour, these brave men and women will be forgotten forever. The history too will be lost and the medals will end up in drawers and shoe boxes, some may end up on EBay and similar sites. This is not how it should be and does not follow the purpose of the Legion

“We will Remember them”legion

On a side note pertaining to how dated Legion laws can be. In 1964 (50 years ago) I along with a couple of shipmates thought it might be a good idea to visit a local Legion branch in Dartmouth NS. So we went along to one and were stopped at the door, we were in uniform, but still told we’d only be allowed in if invited and accompanied by a legion member. We then asked if we could join.  Once more the answer was no, to be a legion member you must have served in a theatre of war

Now, I assume that law has long since been changed!! otherwise today the majority of branches would be empty. So folks fingers crossed I get this law revoked and soon. Any support is appreciated, contact your local branch or military associations, your Federal or Provincial MP and anyone else you can think of. Lets cause a a huge wave to sweep away this silly and dated law for all time.

God Bless and keep reading

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4 Responses to Royal Canadian Legion—Change is Needed

  1. baconburner says:

    I second that Motion old Chap! ! ! In 1974 after a posting to Egypt I was posted to HMCS Yukon. We were not allowed in uniform to the Esquimalt Legion. Even though serving members of the military could be full members of the Legion since 1967. Good Luck with your mission amigo.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Thanks Robby, I shall give it a go but expect some strong resistance along the way. If it gets too much I will just drop it, too old for such silliness and stress

  3. Francis Gallant says:

    I believe in your reasoning. It’s commemorative and the family should be allowed.

  4. irishroverpei says:

    Thanks Francis appreciate your support.

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