Really Bad Movies!!

Koreakorea 2A friend recently sent me a video of Hollywood’s latest masterpiece of film making. The Interview!!!!Is it any wonder the peace loving North Koreans are upset? They are crying in their tanks and armoured vehicles, howls can be heard coming from their missile silos. Tears stain their medal laden chests and cries of pain echo around the nuclear weapons facilities. What a dreadful insult to their great leader, Kim whats his name! He is reported as being very very upset with Sony Pictures for making a mockery of his name!!!He has even made dire threats of retaliation against Sony. There were so scared at first they agreed not to release the movie. But later after the President of the USA said they should release it, they did. The USA have tanks, armoured vehicles, missile silos, and nuclear facilities too. So folks this masterpiece of film making has hit the cinemas across the nation and I can only imagine it will cause more cries of pain and angst. I’m not surprised that North Korea is angry, in my opinion it is the worse picture in decades. At least I did not pay my hard earned cash to see this ridiculous attempt at humour . Thankfully I only watched brief parts of it on my computer where mercifully I could fast forward as necessary and believe me it was often necessary. This is a dreadful film, and aside from taking digs at Kim Jong Il it should never have been released to the general public. Trust me it is not funny, the word inane comes to mind. In the 1930’s Hollywood released a film titled the “Great Dictator” it starred Charlie Chaplin and he played the roll portraying a figure very similar to Herr Hitler and Nazi Germany. They didn’t actually name Germany or Hitler or use the  swastika. However the point being made was very clear and Charlie quickly became top of Hitlers hits list after he won the war!!!

It was a wonderfully funny movie of the serious times we were living through and I believe today it is considered one of Hollywood’s greatest classics. The Interview on the other hand will surely be one of the most forgotten, just one of the many disasters to leave the movie makers studios.

God Bless and keep reading

The Great Dictator

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