Did The Stars Align??

ww2medalslegionLast evening was my moment at the local legion to present what I suspected might be a controversial resolution. I don’t know how it came about but it seemed like all the stars aligned just at the right moment for me. First of all there was an article on the evening news about injured veterans and the lack of needed benefits being available to them. The Royal Canadian Legion was mentioned in the news item and not in a favourable  light. It was stated that change was badly needed within the legion hierarchy. Also in the last few days the minister of Veterans Affairs was sacked, a move that was too long over due. So there I was sitting at the meeting awaiting my moment to present the resolution. The legion is an old establishment with some old established and ingrained ideas, and I was about to rock the boat. Then so unexpectedly another blow landed on the RCL in an announcement at the meeting.   On the weekend Provincial Command had locked the doors of Branch One in Charlottetown. The largest Legion Home in the Province. It will be re-opened under the control of Provincial Command. The manager was fired and and all accounting records seized. Command will operate the branch for the next six months and at the end of that time a decision will be made. The timing was prefect for my presentation, indeed my whole argument for changing the medal law was based on a need for overall changes within the RCL. The news items fitted perfectly and could not have happened at a better time. With no opposition my resolution was adopted on the first reading and is now being forwarded to be tabled at the Provincial Command annual meeting in May 2015. I feel so much more confident that it will now go all the way to Dominion Command this summer. I also feel we now have a great chance to see this law changed. I don’t supposed it will happen quickly, if Dominion adopt the change it would then go to the Justice Dept of Government to have the law re=written. Nevertheless its on its way and I feel good. You know we often talk about this or that needing to be changed but we rarely actually do anything about it. In this case I have acted and that makes me feel good.

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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5 Responses to Did The Stars Align??

  1. baconburner says:

    Good on ya amigo, the first step is the hardest. Then a Whammy with numero uno branch being closed…. sound like someone has had their hand in the till??? Fingers crossed for command and Dominion votes.
    Keep up the great work

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Not sure what was going on at no 1 branch, but apparently there was a lot of in fighting as well as financial questions. Still came as a surprise and I’m worried it might be me!!!!I belonged to the Rustico Branch that failed, then joined Branch 1 and now they have failed. Better keep a close eye on Wellington branch!!!!

  3. Neville S. Pearson L.R.O. RN Retd. says:

    HI Ben, There is never a wrong time to do the right thing. A good idea is always a good idea and if the time is right, and I believe it is, it will take its full course. Do not give up the fight. Having experienced the same as you. Belonged to Moncton #6, taken over by the Provincial Command. Went out West joined the RCL Branch 274, Grande Cache AB and the same thing happened as has happened at #1 Charlottetown Branch and I took it over as President, it did get straightened out and is still flourishing. The RCL is still an organisation for the Veterans, it just has to be overseen and the right people with the Veterans at heart running each Branch autonomously.
    All the best. Neville.

  4. irishroverpei says:

    Hi Neville I think the legion concept has become dated and keeping a branch alive has changed to do whatever to survive. My own branch is flourishing, however it seems to have become the local watering hole for the village. We make money from VLTs an ATM and liquor sales. While that may be a necessary fact of life, it doesn’t attract me. I no longer desire to go out for a drink, I certainly don’t play the VLTs so there is really nothing to make me want to spend time there, and I think that would apply to most Ordinary members. I have often thought we should try a morning coffee club style, somewhere to sit and discuss politics, religion and war stories. MacDonalds have been very successful in attracting pensioners with good coffee and great prices. Their mornings are busy now where once would have been empty until the lunch rush. Not sure what the answer is but I recall the legions were one of the last places to ban smoking. The excuse was, our Veterans like a smoke with their beer. Not true at most legions, it was mainly assoc members smoking. Most Veterans had long since quit the habit. Anyway Neville, perhaps I can change the law regarding the wearing of medals! its a step in the right direction

  5. Neville S. Pearson L.R.O. RN Retd. says:

    Each step in the right direction is a good step. Keep up the fight for the good cause and it should come to the desired conclusion. Blessings, and happy birthday, Neville

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