Herr Harper

I think it must be more than four years since I first coined the phrase Herr Harper on my blog and likened him to another earlier and infamous dictator who wasn’t Italian. Now it seems others also see him in the same light and have applied the same title of Herr Harper. In the next election he really must go, we have to vote him back from whence he came. I don’t care who you vote for as long as its ABC said Danny Williams Premier of  Newfoundland. ABC— Anyone But Conservatives. The article I have added was on Face Book and I thought it worthy of space on my blog


Throughout their eight years in office, the Harper Conservatives have devoted much of their electoral mandate to denigrating and diminishing Parliament, beginning with their blatantly unconstitutional parliamentary prorogation in December, 2008 to avoid defeat on a non-confidence vote.

As a result of that unparalleled assault, Canada’s parliament has, to all intents and purposes, been reduced to a supine “talking shop.” It’s now hog-tied and intimidated, subject to prime mini

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Hail Democracy Down with Dictators. God Bless and keep reading, and remember ABC.

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