Robber Hood Sheridan and his not so Merry Men!!!


Our Million Dollar Finance Minister once likened himself to Robin Hood. A real stretch of the bow string me thinks!!! However, Minister Sheridan’s recent comments have inspired another great Island Fairy Tale.

Some outrageous right wing peasants have sullied the name of his best friend and master “Robert the Ghiz”  Sheriff of Nott(listen)ingham. These evil think tank knaves have suggested he is/was the worse Sheriff in all the land. Robber Hood Sheridan quickly came to his masters defense claiming for all the land to know of the Sheriffs greatest deeds and achievements. Such amazing feats of  accomplishment, eight years of hiding in the forest has earn him a gold plated pension. He will be remembered for so cleverly slipping the HST onto us unsuspecting peasants. Bringing safety to our Island roads with the ever so inexpensive Plan B highway. The marvelous and completely unnecessary Hills of Borden will surely be considered among the greatest wonders of the world. However,many recent events in the forest have cause angst amongst the merry men, many are leaving for greener pastures. . A new King is coming from far away lands to govern the forest. Robber Hood himself will have no place in the Kings inner circle and is hastily leaving the forest with his little circle on unhappy merry men. Little John George Webster is leaving to spend more time watching $40 movies in hotel rooms. Friar Tuck McKinley who has not been seen lately, is believed to be handing out rich grants to local voting peasants at fast food outlets. Soon the once richly rewarding forest will be bare and the new King will have to tax the peasants to refill the treasury .The sheriff and the merry men will ride off into the sunset hauling their golden pensions with them. Unfortunately for those of us left behind in this  fairy tale of Robber Hood the story will not end with the usual  “and we lived happily ever after”.

God Bless and keep reading

About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Robber Hood Sheridan and his not so Merry Men!!!

  1. Peter Bevan-Baker says:

    Dear Ben, Thanks for this amusing and insightful piece. Would love to sit down and chat some time. Best wishes,

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Peter great to hear from you, we have met briefly, I sat next to you and your wife at the service of celebration of our late friend Dr David Richardson in Hunter River. I hope you are running in the upcoming election and I wish you a most successful and winning campaign. If I can do anything to help please ask, but keep in mind at 76 I’m no spring chicken!!!

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