The Imitation Game.

number8Linda and I treated ourselves on Sunday evening. We went out for dinner and then on to a movie. We saw the new film “The Imitation Game” and a very good film it was. The true story of Prof Turing who laid the grounds for what we today take for granted, the computer! His machine broke the unbreakable German code machine “Enigma” and is believed to have shorten the war by two years plus the saving of thousands of lives. This is a remarkable film and includes flash backs to the blitz. It was those flash backs that really stirred my memories of the war years. The film showed children being evacuated from the cities, I was evacuated from Belfast to the village of Bushmills, so young at the time I sadly have no real memories of that event. The film showed people taking shelter in the underground tube stations of London. That I do remember well, also a brief shot of people in an Anderson shelter, I spent many a night in the back garden in one of those during the war. It seems so real in the amazing way the films of today can re-create those long ago scenes.   Such vivid scenes of people fleeing the bombings of our cities, the fear and strong desire to survive so clearly brought to life on the movie screen. A great movie and I recommend it, especially if like me you lived through the dreadful times.

PS  on a lighter note Arsenal defeated Brighton HA in the fifth round of the FA Cup by a score of 3-2 and move on toward the final, Manchester City and Chelsea are both out!!!!

God Bless and Keep reading.arsenal pennent

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