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My Nasty Birthday Gift.

At 8 am on Thursday 15th January (my 76th birthday) I drove onto the parking area of the Prince County Hospital. I was the only vehicle using one of the several empty disable parking spots near the entrance to the … Continue reading

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Think Green

I realize asking a person to think green while this beautiful island is a sea of white might be somewhat difficult. However, look at it like this, it is the time of winter that wears us down and makes us … Continue reading

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Go Wes Young Man!!!!

Our young ex-Finance Minister Wes Sheridan, is gone!! Wes quietly resigned this week and walked away. However, before leaving he said the following, I want to help my replacement liberal candidate win the election, but I don’t want to do … Continue reading

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Ireland Surely Knows Better

I love this little Irish province known as Ulster, such a beautiful  green land of rolling hills and dales. However, its history has been one of turmoil, violence and war, Protestants against Catholics with the fear and hatred always just … Continue reading

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Letter to Prime Minister Harper

Subject: WORDS FROM 1907 To: Dear Mr. Prime Minister: I received recently from your Conservative Party comments made by you regarding the “Oath of allegiance” in the context of the hijab head garments. I applauded your stance even it’s … Continue reading

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Provincial and Municipal Governments Should Listen.

This is something that our political figures throughout this province should heed and act on. But of course they wont!!! just like the the trough that is all too enticing for the greedy hogs. Would be a great way to … Continue reading

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Arsenal on the Move

Its has been a great football weekend so far as Arsenal pass Manchester United and move into third place in the Premier League Table. They defeated Crystal Palace 2-1 on Saturday as Man U dropped three points to Swansea in … Continue reading

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Coronation Day!!!! Wow I’m so Excited

This is the Big day we have all been waiting on with great anticipation for months now. The all important Liberal Leadership race, Oh my!!! who will win and become our next premier????? My money is on Wade but you … Continue reading

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A Blog Worth Sharing

My daughter Susannah wrote this very caring and poignant blog about her dear friend Wendy.  Wendy is a lovely young caring and fun loving woman, a wife a mother and a fine school teacher. She is suffering from this dreadful … Continue reading

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Snow Glorious Snow

I can’t explain it but songs of winter weather keep popping into my head, The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain, to, its a Winter wonderland, or The weather outside is frightful and even Rudolph the Red Nose … Continue reading

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