RCMP Major Crime Division Visit Me!!!

RCMPI Guess I should have suspected something like this might happen when I didn’t get a Christmas card from Robert Ghiz in 2014. My wife and my daughters have been saying for ages that I must be on many watch lists because of my blogs!!! It appears they are correct, but nothing wrong with that, at least my message is getting out there. There was really nothing to the visit, an officer was just following up on the case of needles in potatoes at Linkletter Farms. I wrote a couple of letters to the Editor of the Island newspapers voicing my anger at comments made by Wayne Easter. He was recently quoted in the Globe and Mail as saying the most likely culprit was an environmentalist with a grudge against potato growers and the spraying of toxic chemicals on the soil. I found his accusation besides being ludicrous was completely without any proof whatsoever. A politician with his time in office should surely have a little more common sense than to point the finger at a large section of the island population. Still it was quite interesting to be involved even if it was only a follow up to my letters. It is also good to know the RCMP are still on this case and are following every possible lead. Just wish I had something helpful to offer them. However, since the RCMP visited me, I wondering if they will also follow up with a visit to Wayne Easter?? To read the letters in question letters go to search on my blog and type in the two headings below.

Wayne’s Theory, My Theory

Wayne! Did the RCMP ask for your help!!!

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2 Responses to RCMP Major Crime Division Visit Me!!!

  1. baconburner says:

    I would imagine that the file on Easter is at least 6 inches thick, almost as thick as he!!! ! ! Big brother is watching as we all know and YOU my friend, having done no wrong with regard to the needle thing. Had nothing to fear. I still maintain the greatest respect for the men and women of the RCMP> Stay warm Stay safe I understand you have Snow he he he

  2. irishroverpei says:

    I have always had the greatest respect of the RCMP too.

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