The Meddler on Mediocrity !!!!

robertghizwes_sheridan_mediumI don’t often read Alan Holman’s (AKA the Meddler) articles that occasionally appear in the Guardian Newspaper. However the article that appeared in the Saturday edition on Jan 31st 2015 requires a response. Mr Holman was defending MLA severance packages. I have no problem with that and indeed he is entitled to his opinions just as I’m. However, I was more than a little surprised when he compared MLA packages to the employees at Target. He states that Target are paying generous severance to their employees for just two years of work. Perhaps he is correct, but it is also true the Target employees are not retiring they are losing their jobs through no fault of there own. MLA’s on the other hand are retiring and quiting for a variety of reasons such as being tired and needing to spend more time with families. They are quiting with not only a generous severance but a rich pension when they reach age 57. Target employees will be out of work and will receive a severance based mainly on minimum wage. So I fail to see a comparison here, if I had a choice of which severance to take I doubt there would be any contest. Mr Holman goes on to state MLA’s such as lawyers and doctors will have difficulty finding work in the private sector after being in politics for five or more years. Law firms will have long since found replacements and doctors would find themselves out of date with the latest medical procedures.  It seems the Meddler wants us to feel sorry for these poor unwanted and unemployed MLA’s who will find life after politics so very difficult. Gee!!! should my heart bleed for these lost souls? I think not, patronage is still alive and well. However it might be a different story for the folks who lose their jobs at Target. For them I do feel the pain and only see EI as their one single option. I think the Meddler’s article borders on the    Mediocrity.

God Bless and keep reading


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