Lower Voting Age To 16????

History of Girls Soccer on PEIThe Green Party are advocating lowering the voting age to 16, do you agree this is a sound move? I’m not sure I do, when I was sixteen, and granted that was a long time ago, I could have told you about the latest movies, the latest hit songs and or groups. However, if I’d been asked to name my local politician I doubt I could have answered. I might have know the name of the current Prime Minister, but any interest beyond that would have been nil. I coached girls soccer for some 15 years and in all that time I don’t recall one discussion about politics, lots about boys, music, fashion and what is on the telly last night. I honestly believe that teenagers have so much going on in their lives, politics is a far off and less than interesting subject. Having said that, I understand there are some teenagers who do have a deep interest in government and the future of the nation and world. However, I think in most cases they would be most likely restricted to the upper middle class and higher income families. Teens attending a good public school and receiving a solid education. Children living near or below the poverty line would spend more time wondering where the next meal is coming from. Wondering if the local plant might hire them for some part time work. Few if any would be clambering for the vote, dating and sex yes, but electing an honest politician not so much. I do support the Green Party but I’m afraid on this subject I do not agree. This is just my humble opinion for what its worth.

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