Politicians! are they a waste of Space- certainly a waste of money

I thought Sheridan was leaving, or at least had stopped talking about how proud he is of the HST and his other dubious achievements. But unfortunately his mouth is still in overdrive and promising changes that a few months ago were apparently not possible or affordablewes_sheridan_medium.  In yesterdays Guardian(9th Feb 2015) he states changes might not be too far off. He is of course, talking about removing HST from electricity, it should never have been put on electricity in the first place. He also mentions a new world (doesn’t say which Galaxy) where hopefully he’ll be able to provide some tax relief. He is referring to the basic personal income tax exemption which is presently the lowest in the land. Its strikes me as funny ( not really funny)  as we move closer to a Provincial election things that a few months ago were beyond his scope as Minister of Finance are suddenly achievable?  I have said it before and I’ll say it again here. Island politicians really do think the voting public are dumb. Just toss them a few juicy promises and we’ll be voted into power for another four years. The fact HST on Electricity and  tax exemption are vital issues that should have been corrected years ago means little or nothing to Sheridan. He is proud of his accomplishments and the heavy tax burdens he loaded on the poor.  These shallow politicians who think by promising a few goodies will garner them votes might want to think again.  Think carefully folks before you put your X against a name on the ballot, ask the people of Souris about government promises. Ask Islanders about the huge deficit and the three pay raises the Liberals awarded themselves in the last 14 months. Ask the present cabinet ministers about their posh new cars, meal and expense claims, Ask them about their travel to foreign lands drumming up new businesses like another call center! Ask about the PNP scandal, hmm!!!!!  maybe not,, but if you do don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer.

God Bless and keep reading

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