A New Round of the little Bigger Budger!!!!

006007008009As promised in my last little Budger Blog here is the next stage in her very interesting life as a little larger Budger.

During the 1980’s Budge took on the persona of Major Steve Austin a TV Bionic man, unfortunately I have no photos of her in this roll. If you were a fan of the Bionic man you will be aware he travelled at incredible speed and was very difficult to photograph. At age seven she became a Brownie and was so smart in her uniform. I suspect she was the top seller that year of Girl Guide Cookies, although it was rumoured she also eat a lot of them herself. Later she took to wearing coonskin caps in the roll of Davy Crockett. We attended the Toronto Exhibition and horse show in the mid eighties all the while wearing this hat. If memory serves she also wore it to school! Nearing the end of this decade Budge discarded the coon skin cap and took to the Wheatley River Hall stage to act in a local concert. She was in a twenty minute skit, playing the roll of an Nordic house maid. I think her stage name was Olga from Oslo? Her long blonde Nordic hair was actually a mop head (new) and for a while we reverted back to her earlier baby name of Little Miss Mop Head.

While I enjoy posting these blogs and probably embarrassing poor Budger in doing so, it never takes away from my immense pride in my beloved daughter. She was a joy to have around for so many years and she made our lives so much better. Her adventures and antics still give me pause to stop and laugh. Like the time when on a icy school morning she disappeared out of the backyard in her Lada but never appeared in the front driveway. Going out to explore I found the Lada and Budge stuck fast between two pine trees. In her graduating year book she was voted the most likely to win the Indianapolis 500. I think she is still trying to qualify for that race, no longer in a Lada (it rusted out) but a slightly faster but just as messy Kia Soul. Love you Budge and hope you are laughing with me.

God Bless and keep reading


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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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