window{74c19204-4509-4028-8153-448eb029451d}_DG.LP.SEG1_ResidentialI have always understood the word Transparent to mean something one can see through, for example a window. However the meaning of the word transparency seems to have several different connotations in government circles these days. Indeed it has become a much used word by many politicians both Federal and Provincial. I thought that possibly I had misunderstood the meaning of the word so I looked it up in the Collins English Dictionary–Transparent/Transparency-“A picture made visible by the light behind it”. Hmm, that’s precisely what I thought it meant. So what dictionary are today’s politicians using? or are they using a dictionary at all??? Lets take a look at this recent Public Accounts Committee that were reviewing the PNP program and one Alan Rankin. Mr Rankin served as clerk of the executive council under Robert Ghiz from 2007 to 2009. He recently wrote an article in the Eastern Graphic stating that Ghiz had a direct role in managing the PNP program. The opposition asked to call Rankin as a witness but was voted down by the three Liberal members sitting on the council. They made vague reference to the RCMP investigation, citing it would be a waste of time to continue what the police had already thoroughly reviewed. Yet it seems if a former employee from the Premiers office has something to say regarding this very nontransparent program, he should surely be listened to. To deny Mr Rankin an opportunity to speak is very suspicious and clearly counters the meaning of transparency!  So where does that leave my understanding of the word???  could it be determined as Foggy, misty, opaque, frosted? Or is it perhaps that I’m looking at the world through rose coloured glasses. Transparency in government!!!! I think not.

God Bless and keep reading

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