Disappointing Headlines.

king wadeWhen I awoke this morning I imagined the Guardian Newspaper would headline the news of the corruption scandal over the CMT scam, Geo Sweep, Government attempts to make the province a virtual gambling mecca. I thought the true facts for the Ghiz/Sheridan sudden resignations would be all over the pages too. Alas, there was not a word of either mentioned???surely the biggest news story to hit the island in several decades would have at least had a mention. But no! not a word, the paper was full of the Saturday election of the newly minted PC leader Robb Lantz. Now, I’m thinking this is possibly the calm before the storm. Its all quiet for the moment but once the PC’s get back into election mode the proverbial S*^T will hit the fan. I’m sure the new Liberal leader, King Wade, is not looking forward to the next few weeks/months, he will surely be saddled with the Ghiz/Sheridan legacy as he campaigns across the province. The Globe & Mail story that appeared in the Friday 27th Feb edition will resonate with people for many months to come. For the PC party it is an unimagined gift and boost to their upcoming election campaign. For Wade it is another millstone around his neck. As if he did not already have enough problems just playing down the last seven years of liberal governing. For me, the next few weeks or months will be amazingly fertile ground for blogging, It is going to be exciting as we watch the true facts unfold before our eyes. It might even be more fun as we watch liberal politicians twist and squirm attempting to explain away the scandal. Oh Boy!!!! I can’t wait.

Read the article http://www.theglobeandmail.com/…/small-isl…/article23237214/

The featured stars of this amazing story wes_sheridan_mediumFirst Class

God Bless and keep reading

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