A New Sheriff in Town

king wadeI stated in yesterdays blog that I was disappointed with the newspaper headlines. Not a dicky bird about the E Gaming scandal. Well today things have started to move, don’t know what is in todays paper because it wasn’t delivered this morning. The island is in another winter whiteout situation, schools closed again. However, there is lots on the radio, Face Book and twitter. The new sheriff in town has Waded in (pun intended) to fire the first Liberal broadside. Funny how he used the term sheriff!!! and I quote  “I see this not as a new-sheriff-in-town thing, but as a way of putting these people who play an important role in government in the clear to do their jobs even more effectively,” he said.  I immediately thought of the last sheriff”Robert the Ghiz” sheriff of Nott(listen)ingHam and his right hand man Robber Hood Sheridan. Sheriff Wade will have a lot of talking ahead before his government is in the clear. Tightening standards and rules governing MLA`s deputy ministers and staffers and claiming a more transparent policy is just not going to cut it. It is more like shutting the barn door after the horses have escaped. Its not going to be that easy to sweep this outrageous scandal under the carpet. How does he explain away his Ethic`s Commissioner, Neil Robinson who invested $15.000 in the E Gambling scheme. How does he explain how the Ghiz government attempted to circumvent the criminal code of Canada by involving Aboriginal lands and loaning them the money to begin the investment. I see storm tossed waters ahead for the Liberal election campaign. If the PC`s get their act together, the election could be plain sailing. I would  expect an RCMP investigation into the actions of Ghiz-Sheridan. Surely when a person attempts to dodge or avoid the law and is caught he should be charged. I am quite sure if a homeless, unemployed or other unfortunate persons  attempted this they would be behind bars now. God Bless and keep reading

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