Remembering My Heart Attack

hospital stay2A Heart Attack is not something one forgets in a hurry, and here I ‘m four years later recalling that most trying time of my life. I was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital emergency on Saturday morning 22nd January 2011. I was admitted to the heart unit and there waited a week before being sent to Halifax via ambulance. Once again at the QE2 I had to wait as the ICU was backed up and surgery couldn’t be done until an ICU bed became available. Around the 27th February I was operated on and the outcome was successful. I travelled home in early March in our Toyota Yaris wearing pajamas. I couldn’t dress because I had a total of 75 staples in my chest and leg. By March the 7th I was back at the computer blogging, be it a little weakly.  It was so nice to be home even though I still required daily nursing visits to change dressing etc. Looking back I realize how lucky I was to have Linda there to take such amazing care of me. Helping to get in or out of bed, feeding me, administering the huge number of pills and meds on a daily basis. I required quadruple bypass surgery and was indeed lucky to have survived as my major artery was over 95% blocked. My surgeon said the slightest piece of plaque and I could have dropped dead on the spot.   I posted my first blog at home on 7th March 2011, while my head was all over the place. Nevertheless, my message was appropriate and in line with my feelings, I have copied it below.

As I slowly recover, and believe me it is slowly!! I find myself noticing people who I immediately assess as walking heart attacks. Unhealthy looking people eating junk food, smoking or just over weight etc. I don’t think I was so aware before my surgery but now I sure am! The surgery and recovery time is no walk in the park so this is probably why I’m noticing these things. A heart attack is not something I’d wish on my worse enemy. My advice, eat healthy, exercise and have regular check ups.
Just my latest two cents worth, but its worth a lot more than two cents if you avoid a heart attack!!
Cheers and keep reading.

God Bless and keep reading.


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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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