Saturday Good-Sunday Not So Sure

arsenal pennentHere I’m at 9.30pm Saturday night preparing Sunday’s blog. Not sure what the weather holds in store for us tomorrow, we are expecting another blizzard/snow storm. Guess I’ll find out in the morning just how accurate the weather forecast was. Well not to worry Saturday was great, Arsenal defeated West Ham 3-0 in another great game. It cements our third place in the premiership table. Man U play tomorrow against Spurs, that could be an interesting game and I’m rooting for Spurs of course!!! If Spurs win Arsenal will have a four point lead over Man U, fingers crossed. Well Its about my bedtime so I will leave you with a joke for Sunday morning, just in case the joke is on me weather wise!!!!!


A woman and a man are lying in bed next to each other when her phone rings.
She picks up, the man looks over at her and listens.
She is speaking in a cheery voice, “Hi, I’m so glad you called.
Really? That’s wonderful.
I’m so happy for you.
That sounds terrific.
Great! Thanks.
Okay. Bye bye.”
She hangs up, and the man asks, “Who was that?” 
She replies,
“that was my husband,
telling me about the great time he’s having on his golf trip with you.”
FYI — I played golf in the Seventies but my partner was always Linda.
God Bless and keep reading

PS  Sunday 8.00 am yes its not a Good day, now I’m sure

About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Saturday Good-Sunday Not So Sure

  1. Neville S. Pearson L.R.O. RN Retd. says:

    Brilliant Irish Text Message.
    “Mary, I’m just having one more pint with the lads at the pub. If I’m not home in 20 minutes PLEASE read this message again”
    Sounds like a Submariners resoning??

  2. irishroverpei says:

    can’t imagine a submariner drinking with the lads while his wife waits at home

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