Cars I have owned.

GetAttachment.aspxlambretta stuff 0051949Triumph_01_700IMAGE_editedIMGlambretta 010vw 1morris vanIts another snowy stormy day, church is probably cancelled again, haven’t been now for three weeks.  I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever get to drive the Mini Cooper again, with the top down . Its hard to come up with interesting blogs while surrounded by an ocean of white. Thinking about the mini made me think back to some of the vehicles I have owned over the years. When I left school at age 14 and began working as a van boy for the Monarch Laundry, the (blue)Morris van was my first vehicle (although I didn’t own it). I picked up dirty washing on Monday and Tuesday, we had a half day Wednesday, just van washing in the morning and maybe a few small errands. Thursday- Friday delivered clean laundry and collect payment. Saturday morning try to catch the dodgers of said payments. My first car was a 1935 Standard Nine, Ugh!! that’s all I will say about it. I have honestly no idea how many cars I have owned over my lifetime, surely in the hundreds, not sure I can remember them all. In one year (1961) I bought and sold twelve cars of varying vintage and makes.  Probably my most reliable early car was my 1936 Hillman ( the B/W photo). I also probably kept it the longest, maybe a year. The nicest car was my 1948 Rover (red/black photo) bought in pieces and restored to its original beauty. I had many Rovers from P3 to P6 and Sd1. Tried my hand at VW’s but they never really took. had a few Mercedes, a Renault and a couple of other foreign cars but always returned to the British cars. MG’s Triumphs,Jaguars, even a front wheel drive BSA Scout of 1935 vintage. The one special car I always wanted but never managed to land was a 1948-52 Triumph 2000 Roadster (the red car in photo) . This was never considered a great success or indeed very practical in British motoring terms. The only British post war car to feature a rumble seat, it was heavy and underpowered with a four cylinder engine. The rumble seat was not considered very dignified for one’s aging mother-in-law or great Aunt. Probably too Americanized for the British public, but I liked the racy modern lines, the big chrome headlights and imposing grille. I owned a few two wheelers, A BSA Golden Flash with side car. A triumph 650 twin, and a couple of scooters, see the 1974 Lambretta photo. So what was the best car ever that I owned. Hmm, tough question, probably the Rover P3, maybe a 1936 Jaguar, the 1936 Hillman Minx the most reliable. Triumph TR3 the most flashy. but if I’m honest my lovely little 2009 Mini Cooper convertible is the most fun to drive ever!!!!

By the way the phone just rang! yes church is cancelled again.

God Bless and keep reading —- Trust me summer will arrive someday!!!.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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