Does PEI have a Future????

king wadepetermike redmondrob lantzDo we Islanders  have a future?? I guess any one of the four politicians photographed here would say yes of course we do. However, I have some serious concerns. Lets first have a look at Wade MacLauchlan, he is presently the Liberal Premier of the Province. Yet we Islanders had no say in his appointment, and yes, it was an appointment, he has never been elected.  His father Harry MacLauchan did well from his strong Liberal party connections over the years. Most big island contracts always came Harry’s way. Next we have Jeff Lantz, PC party, and yet unelected and untested, but full of promises which on first take sound good. But in a  closer analysis are mostly just more empty rhetoric. Then we have Mike Redmond, NDP. what can I say about Mike? well unfortunately he comes across very poorly in my opinion. He lacks real drive and vision and is not nearly forceful enough to win many Islanders votes. Finally, we have Peter Bevan Baker. Green Party, also yet to be elected. Peter in my opinion is the best of the four options. I believe he really does offer change for the future. The Green party is not connected or beholding to any major corporations. That is more than can be said for the Liberals/Conservatives.   If anyone was to ask my opinion of what should and could be changed. I’d offer the following First of all we need proportional representation not first passed the post. Which ever party wins the election they must live within the budget. They must stop borrowing money, stop funding big business, and stop writing off loans. Start at the top and reduce a top heavy government. We could easily manage with 15 MLA’s and 2 Federal MP’s. If you add in all the municipal governments and staff the total costs are staggering.  Cut back government salaries and pensions. Up to now we have been told over and over if we don’t pay good money we can’t attract good people. Well folks, can we honestly say that theory is working? would anyone agree Ghiz and Sheridan were good for the island? Take a minute to imagine how many other politicians we could include with this pair. I shudder when I think back to all the successive boondoggles Liberal/PC governments have authored over the years. Remember we had a Mag wheel manufacturer enticed to set up on the island with grants and tax breaks, now long gone.. We had  the Lankshire Factory Pig Farm, Polar Food, Ocean Choice, all owing us money and all long gone. Government funded World class golf courses we can’t sell, The costly Plan B highway project, when I drive it today it still seems to have as many twists, curves and bends as ever. The more recent scandals of PNP and E gaming. All the while Liberal/PC’s  election hopefuls promise change and a more open and transparent government.  That surely sounds like more of the same old promises, a broken record if you will. If we are to have a real future we must force serious changes now, if we fail to do so this beautiful island will be no more. We will be bankrupt, the soils polluted, the air toxic, and the water poison. You might consider me an alarmist, things can’t really be or get that bad eh!! Well, of course I could be wrong, and I sincerely hope I’m. However, if you believe I’m wrong then Vision PEI and Pesticide Free PEI and many others are alarmist and wrong too. The question you must ask yourself is, do you really believe the Province is in trouble.  When the impending Provincial election date is announced, please think long and hard before casting your vote. If we continue down the same old Liberal/PC road, we are surely doomed to more of the same. If we get more of the same then we are truly facing a very bleak future.

God Bless and keep reading..

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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