Can we Trust ??? Maybe, just Maybe

rob lantzQuote!

Lantz commits to Royal Commission on Accountability in Government

CHARLOTTETOWN –  Progressive Conservative Leader Rob Lantz today announced that a government under his leadership would strike a Royal Commission on Accountability in Government. The Commission would be struck through the Public Inquiries Act and be invested with all the powers under that Act, including subpoena powers and the ability to engage professional support services to achieve its mandate. The Commission’s mandate will be to conduct a thorough review of:

  •      The administration of the Provincial Nominee Program;
  •      The government’s failed eGaming venture;
  •      The lending and writeoff practices of government
  • ————————————————————————–

Hmm!!! didn’t we hear the NDP first put forward this idea, is Lantz copying to win votes? Nevertheless, this is perhaps the first glimmer of a return to open and honest government, something that for many years has been missing in this Province. However, it is prudent to pause and think carefully first. It is perhaps not yet the moment to rush in and elect another PC government. We have been promised such things before, most never become a reality. I will remain a sceptic until the Royal Commission actually takes effect. We must consider this commission, if it is to be truly effective, will not only malign the Liberals, but many Conservatives will be tarred with the same brush. Jeff Lantz will need to remain very strong and firm and not be swayed by the back room boys as happened in the past. Islanders want answers and deserve answers, we need to know who benefited from the PNP. Who received these generous payments, who’s friends, relatives and businesses. The failed E gaming, what part did Ghiz/Sheridan play in this fraudulent scheme. Who received free trips to London UK. Should criminal charges be leveled against politicians who took advantage of the PNP schemes and or the e Gaming schemes.  These questions must be answered honestly, they can’t be vague or obscure. Finally, the huge write off of millions of dollars, who decides who should be given a free ride and not pay back this money, our money?  Have these loans/gifts gone to politicians-relatives-friends-supporters. Again we need clear open and honest answers. Whether we will ever get these answers is something we have to wait and hope for. I’m afraid I will not hold my breath while waiting.  The biggest issue for any hopeful candidate or government is restoring” TRUST”, Jeff Lantz may have just taken the first step in that direction. God Bless and keep reading.

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