Same Old Political Ideas– Islanders will forget.

king wadeElections are in the air! Gail Shea is running around telling us the Federal Government will provide $50 Million toward a new power cable to the island. Wow!!! Paul Martin proposed that 10 years ago,gail sheabut Harper blanked it shortly after being elected. Its laughable that Shea is now attempting to win votes with this latest revived old promise. Does she really think we have forgotten the unemployment (EI) changes. How she happened to have a phone call and left the house just before the EI vote was taken. The fact we are the only Province in Canada that now has two different EI zones!!. However, for her its the same old politics as usual, she believes we islanders have short memories and all will be forgotten by the time we go to the polls.

Next we have Wade MacLauchlan, he has the same attitude, islanders will forget. He is running around the province shaking hands patting backs and beaming smiles at photo ops. He doesn’t want to talk about the PNP scandal, he doesn’t want to talk about the e Gaming scandal and he doesn’t want to talk about the huge debt write offs. Instead he promises a rosy future, a new era of open and transparent government. We should note here: Robb Lantz PC’s is promising much the same but at least said he will have a Royal Commission into the PNP and e Gaming issues. I recently sent an email to MacLauchlan asking him to open the same Investigation. Let me show you my email and his disinterested response.

Dear Mr. Rogers,
Thank you for sharing your frank comments and suggestions.
Wade MacLauchlan
Premier>>> Frederick Ben Rodgers <> 24/03/2015 8:28 AM >>>
Good Morning Premier and Opposition Leader We need and demand a public inquiry into the recent PNP and E gaming scandals. You must mandate the inquiry under the Public Inquiries Act including authority to call witnesses and or recommend RCMP investigation. That is the only way I will believe you when you utter the word Transparency. Fail to do this then please instruct your candidates in my district (24) not to bother calling on me.
You will note whoever replied to my email couldn’t even SPELL my name correctly, I doubt it was MacLauchlan himself, more likely an office minion. No response from Lantz, but he did announce the Royal Commission the day after my email.
MacLauchlan’s response just goes to show how little attention he pays to islanders if the subjects we raised do not suit his political strategy. Its the same old political philosophy, “Not too worry! By the time we go to the polls islanders will have forgotten and vote  for us as usual.
Well, I have not forgotten and I’m sure the majority of islanders have not forgotten either. We are not as stupid as these arrogant politicians think, and I believe it will be reflected in the next provincial election.
God Bless and keep reading

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