A Little Sci Fi?? May the 4th be with you?

king wadeduffyI don’t think its a difficult choice deciding who is more interesting, surely our infamous Senator Mike Duffy wins hands down. MacLauchlan the province’s unelected Premier has dropped the writ to begin the election process. Really a blah event for most. A month long of the usual boring rhetoric using the same old words over and over. New directions, open and honest government, transparency, accountability, restructuring, consulting Islanders, integrity, promising a better way to govern and the band plays on and on and on!!! Nothing much will change whether we end up with a Liberal or PC win. They will shuffle of a few old faces, hand out a few goodies and promises, then it will be business as usual.   There will be no mention of the environment, the banning of pesticides, fish kills or maintaining the moratorium on deep water wells. Like I already said, business as usual. This election already sounds more like the science fiction movie he quoted! Except Wade Maclauchlan is more a Darth Vader  than a Yoda. If we allow another four years of Vader and the Liberal Empire to run this planet we may need more than a Jedi Knight to save us.

Duffy on the other hand is a factual issue and is going to draw national interest at a level rarely seen in Canada. There are so many questions to be asked and answered. I have my own questions, but not sure if they will receive answers. For instance, Duffy is charged with receiving a bribe ($90,000) but Nigel Wright who gave him the money is not charged. How can the person receiving a bribe be charged but the person offering a bribe not charged???  Next we have Duffy on Island television CBC Compass, assuring the public he lives on PEI. He doesn’t use his summer cottage in winter, rather stays in a Charlottetown hotel to be near the hospital.He qualified that by saying he, like many other islanders moves to town for the winter. Apparently, none of his island residency statements are true, he lives year round in Ottawa. Not sure how he will explain that away in court but its going to be interesting. Then of course there is our very own Prime Minister to consider. I wonder just how uncomfortable Stevie is at the moment or might become as the trial moves forward. Certainly we are in for some very revealing and extraordinary times in the weeks ahead. Using the famous last words from the Prime Ministers Office “We are good to go” and indeed we are good to go???

Meanwhile, back on the PEI provincial election front????  like I said its just Blah Blah and more Blah!!!!!with a chunk of Klingon cloaking thrown in to be transparent and open.

God Bless and keep reading

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